About the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)

A key part of ACSI's mission is to strengthen schools, and we do that by offering a variety of programs. You'll find links to information about each here, along with details concerning our customized services for early education and higher education programs.
Mission & Vision
Statement of Faith & History
Pivot: New Directions for Christian Education

PivotChristian education is undergoing massive change-and that change is accompanied by both peril and opportunity.
The 2017 Global Christian School Leadership Summit gathered Christian school leaders to envision the future of Christian education and answer crucial questions facing the movement. The conclusion: Christian education needs to change course. Pivot: New Directions for Christian Education compiles and expands upon the insights of the GCSLS, making the thought leadership of this unique conference available to anyone.


We desire to work with Christian educators to perceive what God is doing in this present generation (Isaiah 43:18–19), so that-together-we may find ways for deeper engagement and responsibility to this work to which God has called us. Our goal is to provide relevant and timely content that addresses real questions, concerns, and opportunities facing Christian schools.

Professional Development
Career Center
The ACSI Career Center is an excellent place for job seekers to find work and for schools to find qualified candidates. Each U.S. member school system receives five free 60-day job postings, and each international (non-U.S.) school receives eight free 270-day postings.

Looking for a job? Administrators and faculty can post a resume or look for a job opening at another ACSI school. The ACSI Career Center is open and free to any job seeker worldwide who signs the ACSI statement of faith.
Higher Education