Central Early Education Senior Coordinator Message

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April 2021

This past month marks the anniversary since the start of the pandemic. Time has moved forward quickly, yet slowly; either way, it is good to stop and reflect. My question to the EE Leaders who participated in March's EE Leader Connect was, “Have you grown since last year?” If so, how? We discussed possible weeds that have grown up, God’s faithfulness in carrying on to completion the work that he has begun in us, opportunities He is giving for us to flourish, and in what ways do we want to grow as we look to next year.

Would you like to participate in a discussion like this?  If so, join us each month on the 2nd Thursday at 12 CT for EE Leader Connect – Central Division. How can you find us?  Join the EE Leader Connect – Central Division Community for the link to connect with other EE leaders, and for robust discussions. In April, Sara Jo Dillard, Director of Early Education for ACSI will be joining us.  We look forward to our times of connection.  See you then!

Trusting Him,

Kim Brucker