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Student Activities FAQs
Who can participate in ACSI Student Activities?
The Student Activities Program is a member benefit of ACSI. If you are not yet an ACSI member, please contact your divisional office, or visit ACSI Membership for more information.
What events are offered through ACSI Student Activities?
How do I register for Student Activities?
To register your school, complete the online registration form and pay by credit card or eCheck. Please refer to the Student Activities Registration page for event details, deadlines and fees, and to confirm site availability.
When do I register for Student Activities?
Student Activities registration takes place each fall, typically August-October. During this time, each school should register for all the events they wish to participate in that school year. All registration is first-come, first-served, based on when school registration forms and fees are received by the Student Activities office.
What's the difference between a Coordinator and a Chairperson?
School Coordinators are responsible for overseeing event participation from his or her own school. Event Chairpersons manage a specific Student Activities event at a host school/site.
What does a Coordinator do?
Each school participating in Student Activities designates a school representative to serve as their Coordinator for the event. The Coordinator communicates with the event Chairperson (the person organizing the event at the host school/site), as well as their school's administration and staff, to prepare their students for the event. This person is also responsible for recruiting adult volunteers, sending student participation forms to the Chairperson, and submitting participation fees to ACSI by the established deadline (30 days prior to the event date). ACSI provides event handbooks with instructions for the Coordinator.
What does a Chairperson do?
The Chairperson is responsible for organizing a specific Student Activities event at a host school/site. The provided handbooks and resources will help chairpersons plan for judges, prepare a program, create a schedule, organize the awards, communicate with the Coordinators from each school attending their event, and complete post-event reports for ACSI.
What are the benefits of Chairing or Hosting an event?
When you serve as a chairperson and/or host site for an event, your school registration fee is waived for that event and you get an opportunity to register for all your events early! For more information and list of additional benefits for serving as a chairperson and/or host site, visit the Student Activities Registration page.
How does ACSI determine dates for events?
Although some events must be completed during specific time periods, a host site may choose a date that works well for their facility as long as it does not conflict with other events in their area. We also avoid scheduling any events during times that schools are typically closed, such as the weeks before and after Easter.
I have a question or a comment.  Where do I send it?
Please contact a Student Activities team member. We appreciate hearing from you!
What happens if we neglected to register for an event by the registration date?
Please contact a Student Activities team member. Although we cannot guarantee that your school will be able to participate, we can check with the Chairperson to see if there is sufficient room and time to complete the preparation. Late registration fees will apply.