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ACSI Student Leadership & Learning works closely with International member schools to offer student enrichment and experience events in a format that makes it easy for member schools worldwide to get involved!

Facilitated through our unique ACSI Student E-vents platform, virtual events give schools and students the opportunity to participate and connect with other registrants without travel or time zone limitations. On-demand events equip schools with the resources needed to facilitate an event for their students on campus anytime throughout the school year.

Student Leadership & Learning E-vents:

*Math Olympics is offered digitally but is facilitated through email rather than through ACSI Student E-vents.

**Art Festival resources will be modified for International schools participating in Digital events.

***We desire to partner to create customized opportunities for students that fit the needs and goals of the International school. If you want to bring an ACSI Student Leadership & Learning event to your school, please contact a team member. We will meet together, hear your goals and vision, and create an opportunity to intentionally serve you and your students.

Student Leadership & Learning Events On-Demand:

    Note: At this time, ACSI Student Leadership and Learning events are facilitated in English only.  

    For additional information, please contact a Western Division/International Student Leadership & Learning team member.



    We invite you to mark your calendars to register for the 2023-24 school year on September 1, 2023.

    To register for Digital Events and On-Demand Offerings, visit our Registration Page.