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Student leadership development is a vital component to incorporate into your educational program. ACSI Student Leadership & Learning offers a variety of student leadership development events crafted to equip students with an understanding of what it means to lead with intentionality and purpose, reinforce their biblical worldview, and increase their cultural influence for Jesus. These Student Leadership Experiences allow students to experience the challenge of real-world problem-solving, engage in the process of leadership development, and learn to utilize their God-given gifts and abilities for His glory.

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High School Leadership Conference


How do we discern truth in the middle of cultural messages bombarding us with contradicting stories about reality? Our student leaders must thoroughly understand the foundational principles of identity and relationships to be equipped to lead with empathy for the brokenness of our culture, with an understanding of their role in God’s story, and with a clear, truth-filled vision for restoration.

Join us for a 3-day Student Leadership Conference focused on bringing clarity to the biblical definition of identify, the purpose of relationships, and the path forward.


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