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ACSI Inspire - Accreditation Revision Process (Launching Fall 2023)

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Inspire: Inspiring Schools to Flourish through Accreditation


ACSI has been in the process of revising its accreditation protocol since fall 2019. Accrediting agencies undergo minor revisions every few years (such as the REACH - 2019 Edition, which contained predominantly editorial changes), and they undergo major revisions every 8-10 years.

As we progress toward full implementation of the ACSI Inspire accreditation protocol, we will use this page to provide updates as they become available

The Inspire Standards Manual, School Coordinator Handbook, Chair & Team Member Handbook, and any additional Inspire documents are in the pilot stage and subject to revision upon completion of the pilot school visits. Document titles noted in red text within the Standards Manual, School Coordinator Handbook, and Chair & Team Member Handbook are forthcoming and will be published on the website and hyperlinked within the manuals and handbooks after the Inspire pilot school visits.
ACSI has gathered input from many sources and individuals in order to update the accreditation protocol. The new protocol will be formally implemented during the fall 2023 semester (with a few schools perhaps completing REACH that semester if they started their accreditation preparations prior to materials becoming available), with all school visits utilizing the new Inspire protocol beginning with the spring 2024 semester. Schools with accreditation visits before then will continue to utilize the REACH - 2019 Edition accreditation protocol.