Steps to School Improvement

A step-by-step process for ACSI member schools to get the help they need to pursue accreditation with ACSI

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Three Phases

The program breaks the steps to preparing for accreditation down into three manageable phases.

Flexible Timeline

Work through the phases at your own pace.

Digital Content

The digital platform provides content that will help you make progress toward accreditation and improve your school.

Support at Every Step

You’re not alone. Your personal accreditation consultant is available to help you implement positive change.

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How to get started

Schedule a 30-minute consultation.
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Get help self-assessing.
Begin the process in the right way.
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The process of accreditation can seem overwhelming. This program breaks it down into smaller steps to make the process achievable and manageable. Schools develop needed documentation and establish processes that are characteristic of accredited schools – but it’s done one task at a time.
Tim Thompson

Special Introductory Rate: $400  $100

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