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Certification FAQs

Why does ACSI provide certification?

The purpose of ACSI Certification is to strengthen Christian schools by credentialing educators who meet established professional and biblical requirements which promotes continued professional learning and increased effectiveness.

What levels of certificates does ACSI offer?

  1. Temporary: A two-year certificate for individuals who do not meet all education, biblical, and/or philosophy requirements for an ACSI Standard certificate. This certificate allows teachers to get started on the path to professional development.
  2. Standard: A five-year certificate for those who have completed the education, biblical, and philosophy requirements
  3. Professional: A five-year certificate for those who have a graduate degree from a regionally accredited college/university and have completed the necessary education, biblical, and philosophy requirements.
  4. Lifetime: A Lifetime certificate will be issued after 10 years at the Professional level, submission of renewal requirements, and verification of 10 years working in a Christian school setting.

I have a current state teaching certificate, will that count for anything?

  • A current state teaching certificate will be accepted for meeting most education requirements at the Standard level if it is at the same grade level(s) and teaching area in which you wish to be certified. A current state certificate will also serve as verification of a bachelor's degree for initial applicants, so the state certificate can be submitted in lieu of transcripts (a temporary, emergency, non-tax, substitute teacher, etc. certificate will not fulfill this requirement). 
  • FAQ Document for State Credentialed Educators

Do I need to send all my transcripts to ACSI?

Yes. Submit official transcripts (or copies thereof) which include your name, the college name and location, degree received, and date degree was awarded. This information must be printed on the transcript by the college. ACSI does not accept copies of diplomas as verification of a degree. Those holding a state certificate (as described above) are not required to submit transcripts; however, if the applicant graduated from a Christian college/university, or would like an ACSI certificate in an area other than that which is listed on the state certificate, we would advise they submit their transcripts. Initial applicants may find the following document helpful: Documents for Initial Certification

Are there certificates for the various grade levels and subject areas?


Elementary: For all subjects grades K–8

Secondary: Subject specific for grades 7–12

All Levels K–12: Art, Bible, Computer, ELL, Foreign Language, Library/Media, Music, Physical Education, Reading, School Counseling, Special Education, Athletic Director

Can more than one subject be included on a secondary certificate?

Yes. A teaching area is given with 36 semester hours of college credit coursework. An endorsement is given with a minimum of 20 semester hours of college credit coursework. Those pursuing a Specialist certificate (in lieu of an All Levels certificate) will only be permitted to have one subject area per certificate.

What certificates are available for administrators?

ACSI offers the following administrative certificates:

  • Elementary Principal
  • Secondary Principal
  • All Levels Principal
  • Head of School (for administrators with an education background)
  • Assistant Administrator (Curriculum Coordinator, Academic Dean, Director of Instruction, Director of Professional Development, etc.)
  • Executive Director (for those coming into administration from a field other than education)
Application FAQs

Where can I find the certification application?

How do I apply for an ACSI teacher's or administrator's certificate?

Submit a completed application along with the fee, official transcripts (or copies thereof) which include your name, the college name and location, degree received, and date degree was awarded printed by the college, and a current state certificate (optional). If you do not qualify for an ACSI certificate due to incomplete information, your materials will be returned with a letter identifying information needed. Initial applicants my find the following document helpful: Documents for Initial Certification

Payment information:

Credit Card:
Payment processed with the ACSI Online Certification Application. Credit card payments will only be accepted through the online application.

Check or Money Order (made payable to ACSI):
Complete the ACSI Printable Certification Application and mail along with required documentation and fee to:

Attn: Certification
P.O. Box 62249
Colorado Springs, CO 80962

How will I know what requirements I need to complete to renew or upgrade my certificate?

  • Attached to the bottom half of your certificate you will find your renewal and upgrade requirements listed.
Christian Philosophy of Education (CPoE) FAQs

What options do I have for meeting the Christian Philosophy of Education (CPoE) requirement?

There are several options for meeting the requirement those options can be found here: Options for Completing the Christian Philosophy of Education.

What is the alternative model for the CPoE requirement?

The alternative model for the Christian Philosophy of Education requirement is a more flexible approach for schools to utilize for their faculty and administration. This unique approach may be especially appropriate for an online school, international school, or any school who wishes to use the expertise of a staff member or guest lecturer to present material in lieu of the video presentations. In order to have an approved Alternative CPoE, a school must design and submit a plan that provides a similar amount of material and covers both the Christian philosophy and biblical integration components. The school may choose to include any of the current video/book/writing requirements as a part of their alternative model or have completely different requirements. The plan and checklist must be submitted to the ACSI Academic Services department for approval. The school may be required to add missing components, if necessary, before final approval is granted. This model has a fee associated with it for the approval process. Once approved, the alternative model is valid for 5 years, after which the school would need to review their plan, revise as needed, and reapply for approval. 

How does the school apply for "CPoE Alternative Model" approval?

Fill out the online application and submit it with payment to the ACSI Academic Services department. Once the plan is received it will be reviewed for thoroughness and, if approved, an email sent notifying the school of acceptance. The plan will also be registered with the ACSI Certification department.

Principles & Practices of Early Christian Education 2.0 for Early Education

The Principles and Practices of Christian Early Education 2.0 course is an overview of Christian philosophy of early education and is based on quality research and biblical principles. This training is beneficial for early educators new to the field of Christian early education and is also valuable for seasoned Christian early educators. Completion of this course fulfills the REACH accreditation requirement for preschools as well as the Standard Early Education Teacher Certification requirement (ACSI certification is optional for early educators).

The Principles and Practices of Christian Early Education 2.0 course is available through Purposeful Design as a school's one time purchase allowing for individual or group viewing. It's also available to individual members on the Early Education Channel in ACSI PD powered by Campus. The course consists of eight sessions each containing a fillable handout with interactive participation to be completed during the viewing. One CEU (6 clock hours) will be earned upon the completion of the entire course. If you have any questions, please contact the Early Education Resources office.

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