Annual Report Documents for Schools

Annual Report requirements have been modified for fall 2020 for all accredited and candidate schools. Most of the documents below will not be required. Please refer to information provided by your regional accreditation team (or the Office of Academic Services if you are an Exemplary, Online, or Hybrid accredited school) for annual reporting requirements for the 2020-2021 academic year.

PLEASE NOTE: In order for these documents to work correctly, please save the blank document to your desktop BEFORE you start working on them. Once you have saved the blank document you will be able to fill it, re-save it, and all work will be there when you open it. Since you will be submitting these as attached files via email, please check that they are filled out and saved correctly before sending. The password for any of these documents, if needed, is "ACSI."

All documents in italics are required to be included and sent to the appropriate regional office as part of the annual report. 

Annual Report Documents for EE–12 Schools

(*International Schools only need the documents marked with an asterisk)

Annual Report Form* (6/22/18)

Annual Report Form for Exemplary Schools (5/15/19)

Candidacy Annual Report Form * (if applicable)

Statement of Financial Practice* (5/28/19) 

Certification Spreadsheet (12/12/19) 

Certification Spreadsheet - Sample (12/12/19)

Certification Spreadsheet FAQ (5/15/19)

How Has Certification Become More Flexible? (5/30/19)

Certification Documents Webpage (this will direct you to the page with the application, CPoE checklist, requirements charts, etc.)

Request for Faculty Waiver (if applicable) (10/7/19)

Temporary Faculty Waiver Progress Report Form (if applicable) (6/11/19)

Permanent Faculty Waiver Professional Growth Plan (only needed with new requests or if previously submitted plan has changed) (5/28/19)

Substantive Change Notification Form (if applicable) (5/28/19)

ASP Annual Report Form (7/31/18); if applicable - only for those schools currently engaged in the Accreditation by School Progress protocol for renewal of accreditation)

EE Staffing Report (5/29/19)

EE Yearly Staff Profile (blank) (7/13/2020)

EE Yearly Staff Profile (sample)

EE Request for Staff Waiver (if applicable) (5/10/19)

EE Staff Temporary Waiver Action Plan/Progress Report (5/10/19)

Annual Report Documents for EE Standalone Schools  

Annual Report Form (6/22/18)

      Candidacy Annual Report Form (if applicable)

EE Staffing Report (5/29/19)

EE Yearly Staff Profile (blank) 

EE Yearly Staff Profile (sample)

EE Request for Staff Waiver (if applicable) (5/10/19)

EE Staff Temporary Waiver Action Plan/Progress Report (if applicable) (5/10/19)

Statement of Financial Practice  (5/28/19)

Please note: These and all REACH documents are the property of ACSI. ACSI grants permission for the use of these documents, in their published form, by ACSI member schools, and other Christian schools, for the purpose of ACSI accreditation and individual school improvement. These documents may not be incorporated into other accreditation instruments or used for personal or corporate gain. ACSI reserves the right to revoke permission of use at its discretion.