Faculty and Mentors


Alan Pue
President, Barnabas Group

Bryan Miller
Director of Leadership Development, ACSI

Cindy Dodds
Executive Director, Penn Christian Academy


We partner with Arrow Leadership, an international ministry that has been developing leaders through mentorship for over 20 years. Arrow Leadership is helping equip our mentors to effectively address not only leadership skills and competencies but also matters of the heart and spirit.

Cade Lambert
Head of School, New Life Academy  

Debi Miller
Head of School, Westside Christian High School  

Cindy Dodds
Executive Director, Penn Christian Academy  

Jerry Eshleman
Superintendent, Cornerstone Christian Schools  

Gary Fisher
Director of Academics, Valor Christian School 

Barry Giller
Head of School, Charlotte Christian  

Linda Harrelson
Head of School, Summit Christian Academy  

Tom Hughes
Head of School, Eden Christian Academy  

Dan Makowski
Head of School, Stillwater Christian School  

Brian Modarelli
Head of School, Christian Heritage School  

Debbie Schindler
Director of Education, Christian Faith School  

Elsie Wright
Head of School, Barrington Christian Academy  

Rick Yost
Superintendent, Fredericksburg Christian School  

Daniel Cooley
Director (Headmaster), NorthStar Academy  

Becky Gardner
Superintendent, Peoria Christian School  

Todd Jacobs
Superintendent, Capital Christian School  

Bill Stevens
Head of School, Wilmington Christian School  

Don Kauffman
Upper School Principal (Retired), Southside Christian School  

Dean Ridder
Head of School, Isaac Newton Christian Academy