Program Features

Mentor Communications

A hallmark of our program is your relationship with your mentor. Mentors and participants develop a communication plan that allows both parties to provide regular encouragement, accountability, and feedback.

Action Plan

You will work with your mentor on a 12-month action plan, which will be connected, measurable, stretching, and inclusive.

  • Connected: Your plan will be connected to the curriculum and your personal and organizational growth.
  • Measurable: You will define measurable outcomes and track your progress toward reaching your objectives.
  • Stretching: You will be challenged to aim for outcomes that are difficult to achieve.
  • Inclusive: You will be encouraged to recruit others at your school to support and encourage you in reaching your objectives.

The culmination of your growth plan is a presentation to your peers and mentors during the final week of the program. Leadership U participants have agreed that hearing these presentations is a highlight of the program.

Onsite Visits

Leadership U participants host their mentors at their schools for a site visit, during which mentors often develop deep insights into the particular challenges their mentees face. Many participants also choose to visit their mentors' schools (at their own expense) during the course of the year.

Time commitment

The mentoring relationship and time commitment is primarily in support of your action plan. You will set three to four key goals that will be developed with your mentor, and you will develop the schedule and communication plan to provide the amount of support and direction you need to accomplish your plan.

Sample Schedule

This sample schedule will give you vision for a typical Leadership U session.

Sample Schedule