ACSI Engagement

ACSI is at the forefront of advocating a space for Christian Education.  ACSI regularly submits formal communications to policymakers, elected officials and courts which address various concerns and legislation affecting religious education, nonprofits and religious freedom. We partner with like-minded organizations to increase our voice on important issues.   

Current Issues

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Update includes COVID stimulus outlook and process, charitable giving, HRC Blueprint, 400th Anniversary of Pilgrim Landing, Key Dates to watch.

Update includes election consequences, lame duck Congress, school choice guidebook, USDE school reopening project, Indiana SOGI case, history moment, Key 16 card.

Update includes COVID/PPP funding defeated, confirmation of Justice Barrett, ACSI public comment on proposed rule for foreign students, Virginia religious liberty lawsuit, election reminder, and the Key 16 Prayer Card.

Update includes USDE’s newly updated FAQs governing ESSER; ACSI ESSER follow-up; next steps on COVID/PPP funding, nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, Oceanus Hopkins, and the Key 16 Prayer Card

Update includes includes ESSER funds (major, conclusive changes), COVID-19 funding, religious freedom in higher education, the Mayflower Compact, and the Key 16 Prayer Card

Legislative Branch

ACSI is active in the legislative process by signing coalition letters, sending out legal alerts explaining the issues to stakeholders and voter voice emails making it easy for constituents to let legislators know their viewpoint and why.

Judicial Branch

ACSI makes a persuasive case before a judge by means of a friend of the court brief (amicus brief).  This is an important method for having a voice in the judicial branch.  This is usually a collaborative effort whereby multiple groups that agree with a particular line of argument present a unified case to the court for consideration.  ACSI has signed many amicus briefs with others, some of which the Supreme Court has cited in their rulings.

    Executive Branch
    The Executive Branch is responsible for enforcing the law.  The primary means to do this is by issuing regulations.  Public comment, both written and in-person, is the process used to influence decisions on regulations.
    Other actions

    ACSI does a number of other things to advocate Christian education, through media, press conferences, and other means.

    Fox News Article 09.20.20 - ACSI speaks into national funding needs for private schools

    Press Release 06.26.17 - Trinity Lutheran SCOTUS Ruling



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