Early Education Benefits

Membership Matters... Join Us!

The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) offers members biblically based resources, professional development, advocacy, and support. We are stronger together as a community of Christian early educators who value God's design for how young children grow and learn, while applying best practices and current research in the field of early childhood education. Together we are making a significant impact for God's kingdom as we teach the next generation from a biblical worldview.

Program Membership Benefits Include:

  • Grow professionally through conferences, webinars, and more.
  • Access ACSI's online communities.
  • Obtain accreditation status.
  • Consult with early education professionals.
  • Receive services and special pricing from ACSI Corporate Partners.
  • Purchase products and training materials.
  • Protect your program with Legal/Legislative advocacy and support.
  • Attract quality staff through ACSI's Career Center.

Benefits are valid from July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2017. ACSI offers an individual membership through International Association of Christian Early Educators (IACEE) to fulfill the CDA requirement of belonging to a professional organization.

ACSI invites you to begin making a difference in the lives of young people through Christian education. Complete your membership application today!