Faculty and Mentors


Building Leader and School Capacity program faculty are experienced "practitioners," published content experts, and sought-after speakers. Each member of the faculty is fully versed in ACSI accreditation, professional development resources, and best practices.

Alan Pue

Dr. Pue is principal of a Christian school consulting practice called The Barnabus Group. His work with numerous schools in the United States as well as internationally includes strategic planning, board equipping, and financial stability. Furthermore, Dr. Pue has written numerous published articles as well as two recent books provided through ACSI Purposeful Design.

Cindy Dodds

Cindy is an experienced administrator who has done extensive work in all areas of school responsibility, ranging from biblical worldview instruction to change management. Most recently she has been appointed director of the Northeast Region of ACSI. Her role includes providing counsel and guidance for schools in this highly competitive and spiritually challenging region.

Bryan Miller

Bryan has a wide range of experience, including 25 years of banking experience. He has served on numerous boards, including the board of the Christian school where he also served as head of school for 14 years. Presently he serves as the director of leadership development for ACSI.

The core faculty are joined in different sessions by topic experts such as Dr. Lynn Swaner on instructional leadership; Teri O'Connor, CFRE, on admissions and advancement; and Noah Brink on biblical worldview. Other invited presenters and moderated roundtable panels are also utilized throughout the program.

Mentors/MCD Leaders 

We take a unique and intentional approach to this essential part of the program. Experience is only one of the attributes of these carefully selected and prepared leaders. We use the term MCD leader to reflect the expectation that our leaders are able to effectively utilize the range of skills necessary to serve as mentors, coaches, and disciplers in support of your personal and professional growth.

The MCD leaders are provided specific training from an ACSI partner, Arrow Leadership Ministries. Dr. Rick Franklin provides several hours of on-site training as well as ongoing training and resources to ensure thorough preparation of each MCD leader. Learn more about this outstanding partner.

The MCD leaders who participated in this program last year include administrator Brad Carr of Cole Valley Christian School (Idaho), administrator Elisa Carlson of Central Christian School (Oregon), administrator Dan Makowski of Stillwater Christian School (Montana), administrator Debbie Schindler of Christian Faith School (Washington), and administrator Tim Greener of Christian Academy School System (Kentucky).