ACSI Certification Fees


Initial and Renewal Certification $75 (Canadian—Current exchange rate)
Reprocessing Fee* $10 (Canadian—Current exchange rate)

Additional Processing Fees:

Rush Fee (10 day processing time once materials have been received and put in process): $25

3 Year Expiration Fee If your file has been expired 3 or more years: 

  • You may start over as an initial applicant.  You may lose credit for any additional documents that are in your
    expired file, such as CEUs or a completed philosophy checklist, unless you are able to produce copies.

  • You may renew your certificate and it will require the additional 3 Year Expiration Fee which is $25.  You will need
    to submit the application, fees (application fee and 3 Year Expiration Fee), and verification of your renewal
    requiremenst as listed on the bottom portion of your certificate.  If you do not have a copy of your requirements, 

Files that expired prior to 2006 have been destroyed. Please apply as an initial applicant.

*Reprocessing Fee:  

A reprocessing fee of $10 for each area of certification requested will apply in the following situations:

  • You have 6 months from the issue date of a certificate to upgrade or add documentation to a newly issued Temporary or Standard certificate. After 6 months you must pay the $75 application fee.
  • Any application packets returned for insufficient documentation may be re-submitted within 6 months for the $10 reprocessing fee. After 6 months you must pay the $75 application fee.