Certification Documents

*The current turn-around time is approximately 6 weeks.*


Classrooms with teachersFirst Year K–12 faculty and administrators have a grace period for the first school year they are hired. Please check with your administrator before applying for certification. Early Education certification with ACSI is not a requirement for accreditation.

Certification Application Fee: $75        

    Beginning June 1, 2017,  ACSI can no longer accept credit card payments with paper applications.

Christian Philosophy of Education (CPoE) Checklist

*This philosophy checklist which includes The Philosophy of Christian Education series by Dr. Derek Keenan, as well as the ACSI Truth Project Philosophy Option completed through an ACSI approved site facilitator, will be accepted until September 1, 2018. Older philosophy checklists which include series by Dr. Jack Layman or Dr. Ollie Gibbs are no longer accepted.

Equivalency Report Provider List


Early Education Requirements

Teacher Requirements


Administrator Requirements

*If you have trouble downloading the PDF documents, you may need a newer version of Adobe Reader.*