Distinguished Christian Student Award

Distinguished Student Award

The ACSI Distinguished Christian Student Award recognizes high school students from ACSI member schools for their Christian leadership and service, academic success, athletic skills, and talent in the arts, and provides them the opportunity to connect with ACSI member colleges and universities in North America. Many of these colleges and universities offer scholarship packages and other financial support to enable these students to fulfill God's calling in their lives.

Submissions must be received by January 19, 2018. If you have already nominated your student for the Distinguished Christian Student Award (formerly the Distinguished Christian High School Student Award) for 2018, you do not need to fill out the form.


  • A school may nominate up to a total of 20% of the students from each of their sophomore (10th), junior (11th), and senior (12th) classes (not 20% in each category). If a school has fewer than 50 students in a class, they may nominate a total of 10 students from each class.
  • All students may be nominated for an award in all of the categories. (In previous years, sophomores could only be nominated in certain categories.)
  • Christian Service: the student must have a clear Christian service and Christian testimony and be actively involved in a ministry-related activity.
  • Leadership: the student must be actively involved in some type of community service.
  • Athletics: the student must be actively participating in school team/individual sports and/or intramurals.
  • Fine Arts: the student must be actively participating in school activities such as band, drama, music, art, etc.
  • Academics: the student must be maintaining a 3.0 GPA or higher and meeting the school's graduation requirements.