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Eastern Kentucky

 - Riverside Christian School and Carter Christian Academy

Our entire campus was impacted by the recent flooding in eastern Kentucky. We have many staff homes on the campus that were destroyed or damaged. Two of those homes are now being torn down and completely rebuilt. 4 homes are being renovated.

For the school, our entire gymnasium was approximately 8 feet underwater. We lost most uniforms and equipment along with the entire floor. At this point the plan is to raise enough money to replace the floor and bleachers before we're able to host any sporting events in the future.

The 1st floor of the school was approximately 3 feet underwater. We lost 2 elementary classrooms, 2 junior high classrooms, 1 computer lab, and 3 offices. All 5 of our school bathrooms were also on the first floor and had significant damage.

The elementary classrooms lost all textbooks, classroom libraries, rugs, bookshelves, and the majority of their teaching manipulatives.

Junior high classrooms lost some textbooks, classroom libraries, desk, chairs, bookshelves, and many supplemental materials.

The computer lab lost the majority of the computers and all of the school's sound equipment (used for assemblies, chapel, etc.).

Our offices suffered the most loss. Many of our files were destroyed by water/mud, computers, desks, chairs, the 2021 Iowa Tests for Spring Testing were all underwater. Thankfully we were able to save a lot, but there was still significant damage in our main office, principal's office, and business office.

Flood Kentucky
Carter Christian Academy (Grayson, KY)

Our current greatest disaster relief need is helping schools in Eastern Kentucky dealing with significant flood damage.