Foundation Leadership

Board of Directors

Dan Egeler, EdD—Board Chair
President, ACSI
Colorado Springs, CO
As ACSI's current President, and with a 29-year involvement with Christian schooling, Dan says, "I stand on the shoulders of giants who have invested their lives in the cause of Christian education.  God tapped me on the shoulder to invest my life in this cause as well and I have been doing this for 29 years now.  It's a special privilege to see God at work through Christian schooling all over the world." His involvement with the Foundation mirrors his life's work. "'The Education Foundation serves to promote the strategic growth, influence, and effectiveness of Christian schooling worldwide. This is particularly important at a time when it appears that God is using Christian schooling to accomplish His purposes at this moment in history."

Tucker Brown, CIMA
Wealth Management Advisor
Pennington, NJ
As a recipient of K-12 through graduate-level Christian education, Tucker Brown understands the broader Christian school landscape. "In today's changing world," states Tucker, "it is critical that Christian schooling remain as relevant and effective as ever before.  The Foundation exists to ensure that outcome."  Tucker is a wealth management advisor in Princeton, New Jersey.  He believes "we are called to use our God-given gifts to further God's Kingdom, and helping further Christian education through the Foundation allows me the opportunity to play a small role in a large Kingdom work."

Paul Campey, FCA, MBA
Founding Partner, Resolve Consulting Group

Springfield, NSW, Australia
After devoting over 20 years to working with Christian schools in an advisory capacity, most recently as Founding Partner of Resolve Consulting Group, and Paul has seen first-hand the global impact of Christian schooling. "The opportunities and challenges are endless when it comes to Christian schooling around the world, yet the resources in many of these communities can be limiting the impact schools can have." Paul finds the Foundation's work to be aligned with his own calling. "I see my role on the Foundation as being a steward of what God has given me, not just financially but also the knowledge and experiences I have had. I feel I can contribute to the work of God's kingdom through my involvement in the Foundation."

Robert D. Griffith, MD
President, Alabama Dermatology Associates, PC
Northport, AL
"Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God."  As an impassioned advocate for the youth of our world, Robert is burdened by the impact of current cultural mores and societal pressures on the students of today.  Through his years as a Christian school parent and track coach, he uses his strengths to influence the role of the classroom in furthering the message of Christ. "I believe that Christian education can act as the leaven that changes our culture, by changing the world view of our youth. I wish to be a part of His Work."

Rick Kempton, BA, MA
Superintendent, Annapolis Area Christian School
Annapolis, MD
Rick has devoted his life to a career in education, in both public and Christian schools, serving as teacher, coach, counselor, administrator, Assistant Principal, Principal, and School System Superintendent. Additionally, Rick has served as a member of the ACSI Board of Directors and was installed as Board Chair in July, 2015. From his vast experience inside the walls of Christian schooling, Rick brings to the Foundation's work an informed perspective. "The mission of the foundation is central to the strengthening, growth and Kingdom impact of ACSI. I believe deeply in the mission of ACSI and consequently in the mission and significant role the Foundation will play in furthering Christian schooling worldwide."

David Manley, BSED, MED, EDSP
Head of School, Northpoint Christian School
Southaven, MS
As one who has dedicated his life-long career to Christian education, David brings to the Foundation's work the perspective of those who are toiling on the front lines of the Christian schooling movement. Additionally, David recently served as the Chair of ACSI's Board, which allows him to merge the two missions in a way that uniquely informs both. He states of the Foundation's work: "It is important to me because I firmly believe in Christian Education and consider it a privilege to be involved in a foundation that invests in carrying on the mission."

Teri O'Connor, CFRE, BA, BS
Executive Director, Advancement by Design
Dallas, TX
As a student, staff member, teacher, professor, parent, or consultant, Teri has been involved with Christian schools and colleges for more than 20 years. "The Foundation has a unique opportunity to serve the local Christian school by providing resources and training that will help build leadership and capacity for a sustainable future. We can also help to fund special projects and unique opportunities for international schools," she says of the Foundation's work. "I believe that Christ should be incorporated into all aspects of our lives if we are to provide true leadership for the future...By raising up a new generation of well-educated believers who serve the Lord, love their neighbors, and lead with integrity, we are helping to secure a better tomorrow."

Alan Pue, B.S., MEd., EdD
President, The Barnabas Group, Inc.
Castle Pines, CO
As one of the founding members of the Foundation Board, Alan brings a distinguished career in K-College Christian education to the table, calling it "both my vocation and my passion." Also a noted author (Rethinking Sustainability: A Strategic Financial Plan for Christian Schools), Alan has consulted with over 200 Christian schools and has published a wealth of articles on topics related to Christian school leadership.  "The need for quality, transformational Christian schooling in the USA and around the world has never been greater nor have the challenges facing those Christian schools ever been more daunting.  Building quality Christian schools and developing exceptional Christian school leaders is, in my opinion, of the utmost importance."