Grants Available for Fundraising Training for Sustainability

The Foundation recognizes the growing challenge facing most Christian schools—growing in excellence while remaining affordable for families who desire a Christ-centered education for their children. In 2008 the Foundation launched a repayable grant program for schools to be trained and coached in relational fund development, with the goal of achieving sustainability over time. This program continues as a service to ACSI member schools that are committed to building a culture of giving within their school constituency. We partner with the Benevon, who has developed a proven training program for our schools.

Benevon believes that sustainable funding is within the reach of every nonprofit organization if they dedicate themselves to making this happen, systematically, over time. Their training and coaching programs provide the tools—workshops, templates, scripts, and rigorous coaching—to get schools off the treadmill of year-to-year fundraising and on the pathway to nonprofit sustainability. If you are ready to do the hard work necessary to transform your school, Benevon will work with you to attain sustainable funding. To date, approximately thirty ACSI schools have received repayable grants for Benevon training (some for up to six years) in mission-driven fund development, raising over $12 MM for annual operations. Learn more about our Repayable Grant Program with Benevon, as well as their Guiding Principles.

Application and Approval Process

  • Contact us to learn more and decide if this training is a good fit for your school
  • Complete the application
  • Interview with Foundation staff and partners
  • Sign grant agreement
  • Training is funded by the Foundation—repayable within a year of training 

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