Engage: A Framework for Cultural Literacy

Today's students have grown up surrounded by screens, constant media, and instant communication. Their communities are virtual; their lives are mobile; their priorities are global.

Cultural literacy is vital if we are to minister effectively in our complicated culture. Teachers and parents must be able to think clearly about cultural issues—from what's showing on our screens to sexual identity.

In partnership with Axis Ministries, ACSI is proud to present ENGAGE: A Framework for Cultural Literacy, a one-day training event designed to equip adults with a framework for thinking biblically about culture—and ministering to students immersed in it. Register now and attend this hands-on, one-day training for just $75. Participants will earn 1 CEU while learning a framework for thinking biblically as they are given the opportunity to collaboratively explore implementing the framework with others.   


Part 1 - Why Cultural Literacy Matters
Bridging the cultural gap between generations.
Part 2 - The Biblical Imperative
Developing a missional posture toward your students. 
Part 3 - The Audience: Who is Gen Z
Who are they? How do they learn? What makes Gen Z different from Millennials?
Part 4 - The Framework: How to Translate Culture and Connect with your Students 
Five steps toward cultural literacy and culture translation.
Part 5 - Literacy Lab: Becoming a Culture Translator
Putting the framework to work.

Translate wisely

Do you and today’s teens see the same world? Not a bit. Learn to speak their language by understanding what’s on their minds and hearts.

Connect effectively

Christian parents and teachers can’t retreat from culture; it’s small enough to fit in our pockets. Find out how to interpret culture with confidence and wisdom.

Disciple compassionately

We can mentor the faith of the next generation by meeting them where they are—not where we expect them to be.

Coming August 2018

Free Resource

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AXIS has provided outstanding professional development for our teachers and staff. They have helped us understand our students and the world’s influences on them. They have helped us bridge the differences between our generation and Gen Z. Their training has helped us become Culture Translators ourselves and more effectively teach from a biblical worldview K-12th grade.

- Karl (LS Principal)

Axis really seems to "get" where our kids are at. Their insights and perspectives on how to understand this generation are helpful to us as a faculty and, for many of us, as parents.

- Bob (Upper School Principal)

I really appreciated that Axis took the time to provide clear action steps that teachers can take to encourage and support our students.

- Lauren (MS Teacher)

While all of the information about culture’s influence can be overwhelming, it is so important that we as teachers take the time to better understand where our students are at if our aim is to develop the whole child.

- Lauren (MS Teacher)

The influences on our children change quickly, and make it nearly impossible for parents and teachers to keep up. AXIS and its Cultural Translator has come to our rescue and has provided a way for parents and teachers to better understand the world our children live in daily.

- Nikki (LS Teacher)