Student Activities Registration

Registration Documents:

2018-2019 Student Activities School Registration Form              

2018-2019 Participation Guides and Calendars

National High School Leadership Conferences

Northwest High School Leadership Conference Registration Form (NW)

National Spelling Bee Registration

Registration Procedure:

To register your school for Student Activities, complete the online registration form and pay by e-check or credit card (preferred method), or mail a check to your regional Student Activities Coordinator. Please refer to the Student Activities Participation Guides and Calendars for event details, deadlines and fees, and to confirm site availability.  All registration is first-come, first-served, based on when school registration forms and fees are received by the Student Activities Coordinator. Submission of the online form does not guarantee your placement in the event(s). Your registration will be confirmed with a separate email from the Student Activities Coordinator within 2 weeks of submission. The confirmation email will also include information on how to access the Student Activities handbooks and resources.  Note: The Student Activities program is a member benefit of ACSI. Your school must be a current member of ACSI in order to participate. If you are not yet an ACSI member, please contact your Regional Office, or visit ACSI Membership for more information.  

Chair/Host Site Information:

The ACSI Student Activities program is dependent on member schools serving as host sites for events! In order to fully serve all of the schools and students who wish to participate in Student Activities, we are always interested in adding additional sites! 

Here are just a few benefits of serving as an ACSI Student Activities host site:

  • Get first access to Student Activities registration. 
  • Receive financial discounts on School Registration Fees. (Student participation fees still apply.)
  • Event chairs earn a "thank you" honorarium.
  • Save on fuel costs and other traveling expenses. 
  • Hosts have the opportunity to market their school.
  • Enable schools within your community to broaden their students' education experience. 
  • Create a friendly competition that brings out the best and sharpens all involved. 
  • Experience the satisfaction of a "job well done".

Thank you for considering serving other member schools in your community by becoming the next ACSI student Activities host site! Please contact your Student Activities Coordinator for additional information. 


All questions regarding Student Activities may be directed to your Student Activities Coordinator