Coordinator Resources - Music

Some events vary by region. To download the correct resource for your school's area, please refer to the following regional codes: California/Hawaii (CA), Mid-America (MA), Northeast (NE), Northwest (NW), Rocky Mountain (RM), South-Central (SC), Southeast/Florida (SE)

Note: All Student Activities resources are password protected. The password is given to the school coordinator once registration has been confirmed by the Student Activities Coordinator. To register for ACSI Student Activities, please complete the Student Activities Registration process. All questions may be directed to your Student Activities Coordinator

Instrumental Music:

Award Order Form (CA)

Band/Instrumental Festival Coordinator Handbook (SE)

Band/Orchestra Festival Coordinator Handbook (CA)                                              

Honor Band/Symphony Information and Nomination Forms (CA)

Piano Festival Coordinator Handbook (CA)

Piano Festival Coordinator Handbook (SE)                                        

Solo/Ensemble Instrumental Festival Coordinator Handbook (CA)

Instrumental Solo & Ensemble Festival Coordinator Handbook (SE)                                   

Jazz Festival Director Handbook (NW)

Western PA Instrumental Festival Chairperson Handbook (NE)                               

Choral Music Activities:

Elementary/Junior High Choral Festivals Coordinator Handbook (CA)

Senior High Musicale (CA)

HS Choral Festival Director Handbook (NW)

Choral Festival Coordinator Handbook (SE)                          

Combined Instrumental and Choral Music Activities:                                                

Elementary Musicale Director Handbook (NW)

Junior High Musicale Director Handbook (NW)  

Fine Arts Festival Resources (NE)    

Mid-America Music Festivals (MA)

Praise Band Coordinator Handbook (SE)

South-Central Music Festival Coordinator Handbook (SC)        

Chairperson Resources - Music

Note: Chairperson resources are for the individual(s) responsible for organizing the Student Activities event at the host school/site ONLY.

Instrumental Music:

Band/Instrumental Festival Chairperson Handbook (SE)

Band/Orchestra Festival Chairperson Handbook (CA)

Piano Festival Chairperson Handbook (SE)                                    

Solo/Ensemble Instrumental Festival Chairperson Handbook (CA)                                                                               

Western PA Instrumental Festival Chairperson Handbook (NE)                               

Choral Music Activities:

Choral Festival Chairperson Handbook (SE)                       

Combined Instrumental and Choral Music Activities:                                                                                        

Fine Arts Festival Resources (NE)

Praise Band Chairperson Handbook (SE)

South-Central Music Festival Chairperson Handbook (SC)