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December 1, 2015–January 31, 2016

While leading a school in southern California for 18 years, I was always aware we were one bad day away from a catastrophe. Our schools were located very near the San Andreas Fault and people who study it have indicated it is simply a matter of time before a very large earthquake occurs. 

Middletown Christian School has been experiencing a tremendous trial by fire, literally, this summer and fall. Their school has been surrounded by the Valley Fire and has been used as a base for Pacific Gas and Electric to deal with the aftermath of this disaster. After missing several weeks of school they are meeting again. However, five school families, including a teacher, have lost their homes in the fire. This small school family is hurting. The Valley Fire was declared a national disaster and Lake County is comprised of small rural communities with a total population in the County of 60,000. The fire destroyed almost 1,300 homes in three small towns with a total population of 7,000 people (one reason the school is small). Lake County is ranked the #1 poorest county in the state of California according to USA Today 2015.

I am asking for you to consider a love offering, a financial gift, to allow these families to stay at the school while rebuilding their homes and lives. The school has 34 students enrolled. The fires have destroyed the homes of 6 of their students (17% of their enrolled students). Specifically, the school needs to waive the tuition for these families in order for them to stay enrolled. This will cost the school over $20,000 in tuition which they do not have in the bank.  

Would you please consider sending a gift this month to help the school and these families overcome this tragedy? I would be grateful if you would send a gift, payable to ACSI. We will gather the funds and forward 100% of your gifts to the school. We will provide the school with the name and addresses of the donors along with the amount of the gift your school provided.   Thank you for your prayerful support of Middletown Christian School.


Mail Checks to: ACSI, 910 E. Birch St. Ste 260, Brea, CA 92821


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