Using Children's Literature for Instruction with Very Young Children presented by Dr. Penny Clawson

March 23, 2016 3:00 (EST)–March 23, 2016 4:00 (EST)

Children love books, and there are many available for us today. During this webinar we will examine the many ways to use these wonderful resources for more than read aloud story time. Children of all ages can learn from the story and the characters, the written word created by the authors, and the information prepared for us. Participate with us and be stimulated in new directions with books.

Penny Clawson

Although a resident of Lancaster PA for more than 30 years, Dr. Penny Clawson's roots in New York City still can be detected if you listen very carefully. Her unique mixture of metropolitan, suburban and rural experiences brings a varied perspective on life, Christian education and the Lord. Penny grew up in NYC, attended college in center city Philadelphia, and then taught in York, PA at the Christian School of York for 15 years before coming to Lancaster in 1983 to begin her ministry at Lancaster Bible College. Penny's graduate degrees are from Millersville University and NovaSoutheastern University. She served as the Chair of the Education Department from 1985-2012, and as the program director of the graduate program for the Consulting Resource Teacher from 2003-2015. Since 2012 Penny served as the Faculty Coach in the Office of Teaching Effectiveness, providing professional development for faculty in all the college's locations and schools. She is a frequent speaker at women's retreats, teacher's conventions, and other ministries.Penny's love for the Lord, His word, children's books, and her students is evident in any venue.

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