EE Live Webinar - Reaching Your Community Through an Early Education Ministry

September 22, 2015 2:00 (EST)–September 22, 2015 3:00 (EST)

Does your school have an early education program? Have you considered opening a class for infants, toddlers, or 2-, 3-, or 4-year-olds? Is your current early education program connected with the needs of your community? Are you answering the call?

"Why" should Christian leaders involve themselves in meeting the need for quality early education and "how" can you develop an early education program that will not only train up children, but also be used as an evangelistic outreach to the community. There is a need for quality early education and the Christian school is one of the best resources to answer this call. The role of the church is often defined by three commands given to Christians: the great commission, the cultural mandate, and the two greatest commandments. These mandates alone may stir the call to begin an early education ministry that reaches the community, but there are many other opportunities for ministry through a church-sponsored and/or Christian school program. Come be encouraged to maintain a focus on the vision and mission to reach the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and share ideas about how your program is doing it.Join Dr. Cindy Barnum as she encourages us to reach our community!

Please note, all our webinar times are Eastern Standard Time.

Dr. Cindy Barnum has been serving as the elementary principal at Trinity Christian Academy in Jackson, Tennessee. Her husband, Kirk, is an upper school math teacher at the same school. They have four grown children and 4 grandchildren. Cindy received her doctorate degree in Christian Education Leadership with a focus on early education at Regent University. Cindy's educational experiences include special education preschool and primary LD teacher, administration and teacher for early education programs, professor for undergrad and graduate level college classes, and a consultant and board member for churches that are opening an early education center. She and her husband were also missionaries at a Christian school in Norway. Cindy loves the Lord, her family, her work at Trinity, and traveling.

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