Florida Health Care Consortium - Jacksonville

October 7, 2015 11:00 a.m. -
Maggianno's, 10367 Midtown Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Take Control of Your School's Health Insurance Costs!  

Learn How a Health Care Consortium Can Make a Difference for Your School!

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Other Luncheon Events

Susan Simpson and Ron Gray will also be presenting Your Aging Faculty and Staff: What Does This Mean For Your School? All ACSI schools are welcomed to attend. As Business Manager, Human Resource Manager, or even School Head, part of your duties is to instruct employees about their options as they reach new life milestones. This workshop is designed to inform and guide private-independent schools through the changes needed for aging faculty and staff.

You're invited to join us for a complimentary, informative luncheon addressing concerns relative to aging faculty and staff, and what this means for your school.  

View ISM's main event page for more information about these events. 

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