International Christian Educators Conference—Africa

April 6, 2017–April 9, 2017


ACSI invites you to join your fellow educators at the International Christian Educator Conference (ICEC) Africa at Brackenhurst Conference Centre in Limuru, Kenya (just outside of Nairobi). This conference provides a focused time of professional development, networking, and fellowship for international school educators. Join us to be challenged and inspired by keynote speakers, preconference courses, workshops, and job-alike sessions.

Please email the ICEC coordinator if you have questions.

Conference Theme: Teaching with Wisdom
He is the one we proclaim, admonishing, and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ (Colossians 1:28).
Paul's words proclaimadmonishteach, and with wisdom speak of how we teach but this verse also includes a future outcome for our students: maturity in Christ. Christian educators know that He, Jesus, is in and around, above and below every subject area. As we teach we are proclaiming Him. He is the one who holds all together-whether the sciences or the arts, whether history or mathematics. Our teaching, no matter the subject area or level, should move our students toward wonder, toward joy, toward maturity in Christ, and finally into our student's calling as difference makers. This kind of teaching takes wisdom. Wisdom is an ancient idea and speaks of the ages, of maturity, and a high level of carefulness that we educators must practice. Ours is holy work. We educators come together at ICEC to grow in our craft, to humbly learn from each other, and to take steps toward wisdom.

Conference Location
ICEC will be held at Brackenhurst Conference Centre. Take some time to visit their website.

Conference Keynote Speakers
AXIS Team: The mission of AXIS is to empower the next generation to think clearly and critically about what they believe and to take ownership of their faith. Dhugie Adams and Gary Alan Taylor will share with us some relevant and exciting information applicable to future generations and their faith.

Chris Palladino: Mr. Chris Palladino serves as the Chair of the Department of History and teaches courses on history, geography, sociology, and education at Cairn. Mr. Palladino also serves as the section chair on Teaching and Learning for the New York State Political Science Association and as an adjunct professor teaching the history of art for AMBEX (Regensburg, Germany). He regularly leads professional development workshops on interdisciplinary teaching and learning, conversation, curriculum development, and worldview integration to teachers in the Philadelphia and New York areas, as well as in Beijing, China, and Seoul, Korea.Prior to teaching at Cairn, he taught high school social studies for 12 years in Lynchburg, VA, where he also coached soccer and cross country. He was named the Lynchburg City Teacher of the Year and a Bank of America Neighborhood Champion in 2005.

Gavin Brettenny: Gavin's origins are Zimbabwean. Gavin,  his wife, Beverley, and their two sons live in the Black Forest in Southern Germany.  Gavin worked at Harvest Christian School in Port Elizabeth, South Africa as High School Principal (1994 - 1999) and Headmaster for the K-12 school (2000 - 2012).  He served on the full-time pastoral leadership team of Harvest Christian Church for the same period. Gavin was Chairman of ACSI South Africa, (2010 - 2013) and a member of the ACSI Executive Board in the USA (2009 - 2012).  He currently serves as ACSI Director of Strategic Development: Africa. His work as an ACSI Director involves supporting national leaders in their development of self-sustaining National Associations across several African nations.  He has worked on various projects developing innovative products and services focused on school leadership and school improvement.  Gavin holds degrees in English Literature, a post graduate diploma in education, a Bachelor of Education Honours and a Masters in Organisational Leadership.  His research as a Ph.D candidate investigates the influence of transformational leadership behaviors on school transformation amongst Protestant schools in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  

Brian Brewster: Brian Brewster was born in Nairobi Hospital and attended Rosslyn Academy and Alliance Academy in Quito Ecuador as an MK through grade 9. Although he has traveled extensively, this will be his first trip back to Africa since leaving in 1990. With an undergraduate degree in  Biological Sciences and a Masters in Educational leadership, Brian has taught science in the US and in the Marshall Islands. He spent two years as Elementary and Middle school principal and the last eight years as principal of the High School at Dalat International School in Penang Malaysia where he has continued to teach science and Bible classes. He has led the redevelopment project of the Dalat campus that is currently in the second of three major phases. He was recognized by Apple as a "Distinguished Educator" in 2013 for his leadership in educational technology.  Together with his father Daniel, they co-authored The Lessons of Kilimanjaro, a book that chronicles the life lessons learned by a father and son when they climbed together when Brian was eight.

Contact the conference coordinator for more information.

Conference Pricing
Conference price includes all meals and snacks at the conference centre during the conference. Price does not include housing cost, airfare, airport transportation to and from the centre or preconference courses. All pricing stated is in USD.

Member Full-Conference Registration
Early rate: $250 per person until January 31, 2017
Standard rate: $275 per person, February 1 through March 1, 2017

Nonmember Full-Conference Registration
Early rate: $350 per person until January 31, 2017
Standard rate: $375 per person, February 1 through March 1, 2017

6 April Preconference ONLY: starting at $55-cost of the preconference course, includes breakfast, lunch, and snack.

Housing Information
Brackenhurst Conference Centre Room Options and Pricing:
Single Room: $72 per person/per night (single person or married couple-private bath)
Shared Room: $50 per person/per night (can be 2-5 people in a room-private bath)
Dorm Accommodations: $40 per person/per night (up to 20 people in bunk accommodations-shared bath)

Airport Transportation
Airport transportation is available through the conference centre for $30 per person, round trip.

New!ICEC Africa 2017 will feature a mobile app for your conference planning. Stay tuned for details. 

Conference Schedule
ICEC will begin on Thursday, April 6 with a series of optional preconference courses from 9:00 AM to 16:00 PM. The full conference will begin at 8:00 AM on Friday,  April 7 ending at 12:15 PM on Sunday, April 9, 2017. 

Download the conference schedule 
Download the Workshop Schedule

Preconference Course Options

Tim Thompson, ACSI Associate Director for International Schools: REACH 2.1
REACH 2.1 is the most recent revision of the REACH protocol that was introduced in 2008. This course will look at the revised accreditation process from start to finish. There are some significant changes in REACH 2.1 which will be highlighted. Standards and indicators have been adjusted, manuals have been rewritten, the process has been revised to be more collaborative, there's more emphasis on analysis of data and a totally new set of supporting documents have been developed, including templates. There is a new survey/feedback requirement and a new student assessment requirement. The whole process from application through implementation of the school improvement plan is better structured and better organized. Plus, beginning in January of 2017, ACSI will introduce an ePlatform for REACH-both for schools and teams.

Dave Baniszewski, Wheaton Press: Connecting Truth and Equipping K-12 Teachers with the Keys for Authentic Christ-centered Integration
Are you tired of approaches to Biblical integration that feels artificial and leave you, your teachers and your students feeling frustrated? Do you feel equipped with the principles for equipping students to authentically integrate their lives outside of your classroom? How do we avoid artificial or inauthentic integration across academic disciplines and align our classrooms for maximized transformational learning? This workshop will equip administrators, curriculum directors and classroom teachers with simple, Christ-centered principles for authentic integration and practical application.

Dr. Jan Dormer, Messiah College, Associate Professor of TESOL: Teaching English Language Learners in the Regular Classroom, Moving from Lose-Lose to Win-Win!
This preconference session is for regular classroom and content teachers (K-12) who have English language learners (ELLs) in their classrooms. Often, having students in class who are struggling with the English language is viewed as a losing situation. The teacher is unprepared to deal with ELLs, and is frustrated. If the teacher does try to help the ELLs, the regular students may lose instruction time. Most significantly the ELLs lose...either because obvious language gaps are not being addressed, or sometimes because their well-developed conversational ability masks their continued need for the development of academic language. How can this losing environment change to a winning one? This session will first outline some foundational concepts of second language acquisition. Then, it will address the two needs that ELLs have in content classrooms:

  1. To further their English language learning, and
  2. To learn academic content.

Overall guidelines and principles will be shared for developing lessons that can meet both of these needs, while at the same time enriching the classroom experience and learning potential for all students. Some well-known approaches to meeting the needs of ELLs in regular classrooms will be discussed, such as sheltered instruction and the SIOP model, and universal design. Participants will work in subject-area small groups to apply their learning, and will leave the session with concrete steps for addressing the needs of the ELLs in their classrooms.Notes:

  1. This session is recommended as a prerequisite to the subject-area workshops on meeting the needs of ELLs, which will take place during the conference.
  2. This session is highly recommended for ESL teachers as well, as it will provide content which they could then use for the professional development of teachers at their schools.   

Steve and Jenny Florisson, Boarding Training, Australia, CEOs and Traniners: Excellence in International Christian Boarding
Boarding parents play an eternally significant role in the lives of young people. It is a calling to a very special vocation, entrusted with the care, development and spiritual nurture of precious young people in a home environment. The role is both demanding and rewarding and requires caring, professional practice with specific knowledge and skills. Being a boarding parent in a cross-cultural context adds another layer of complexity. This six-hour pre-conference course will explore the standards and support processes of excellent boarding practice that is professional, ethical and accountable. Presenters Steve and Jenny Florisson have been involved in the student boarding industry in Australia for over thirty years and have developed an accredited training course for boarding parents at Certificate IV and Diploma levels in the Australian Qualifications Framework. The Certificate IV course is being delivered in International Christian boarding schools. Attending this workshop will challenge and inform your practice as you contribute and interact with people from many different Christian student boarding situations.Topics in the course include:

  • Current boarding trends and industry standards
  • Protection for young people
  • Care for young people
  • Facilitating behavioural change
  • Holistic intentional development for young people in boarding  

Chris Palladino, Chair of the Department of History, Cairn University: Teaching, Learning, and Living the Integrated Life
During the nineteenth century, academia became increasingly compartmentalized as more and more departments and curriculum separated into various fields of study.  The fallout of this has been the separation of our lives into disconnected spheres.  This presentation will propose the reasons and the means to reversing this process for ourselves and our students.  

Dr. Debbie MacCullough, Higher Education Consultant, ACSI Global: Philosophy of Education
The one-day pre-conference course offers a four-part overview of a philosophy of school education informed by a Christian worldview. It is designed to help the Christian educator develop a framework for informed practice. We will examine our beliefs related to the aim of education, the nature of the student and learning, the role of the teacher and the nature and purpose of the curriculum.  The delegate attending the full day will be asked to put together a coherent document of 2-5 pages after reflecting on the content and experiences of these sessions and reading/reflecting on several required books for ACSI.

Dr. Tim Heaton, Professor of Education, Cedarville University: Teaching the 21st Century Learner
Children learn by example and there are many examples that God has provided that cause our children to think and explore the meaning of the World around us. This presentation will be a hands-on session that models teaching practices as well as gives pertinent information to the teacher on how to motivate children in the learning process.

Brian Bliss, ACSI Consultant: Policy Governance for Boards
This preconference session is targeted to Heads, administrators, and board members who want to learn about Policy Governance or want to strengthen the application of it at their schools. This session will explore the basics of Policy Governance, how it works, and what you can expect to get from it. Sound boring? It's not! Policy Governance, done well, can radically boost the efficiency of the school board and encourage the leadership of the school.

Workshop Options and Proposals
A complete workshop listing will be available closer to the conference dates. Please check back for more details.Workshop proposals for ICEC Africa are now being accepted. Please complete the electronic form below to submit your request. Deadlines for submissions are detailed on the form. Applicants will be notified of their status by email.

ICEC Africa Workshop Proposal Form

Visa Information
Each conference delegate is responsible for determining whether or not they require a visa to enter Kenya. Please visit this website to determine Visa requirements from your country of origin. This document will walk you through the instructions for obtaining your Visa online.

Request a letter of invitation

Required and Recommended Immunizations
Please visit this website for information on required and recommended immunizations from the CDC prior to entering Kenya. There are some recommendations here for travelers to review and determine whether you want or need the immunizations or vaccines.

Exhibitor/Sponsor Information
Exhibitor and Ad/Sponsor opportunities are available for ICEC Africa 2017. Please email the conference coordinator for information.

Refund and Cancellation Policy
Conference registration fees will be refunded, less the following fees:
1. Cancellations prior to January 31 will receive a full refund.
2. Cancellations prior to March 1 will be charged 25% of the registration price paid.
3. There will be no registration reimbursement after March 1.


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