International Christian Educators Conference—Africa

April 1, 2020–April 4, 2020
Kigali International Community School, Kigali, Rwanda

ACSI invites you to join your fellow educators at the International Christian Educator Conference (ICEC) Africa a t Kigali International Community School in Kigali, Rwanda. This conference provides a focused time of professional development, networking, and fellowship for international school educators. Join us to be challenged and inspired by keynote speakers, preconference courses, workshops, and job-alike sessions.

Conference Theme

"Let Us Consider..."— Hebrews 10:24

International Christian Educator Conference (ICEC) is a gathering of likeminded Christian educators and leaders who come together to consider... to reflect deeply upon... how to spur one another on in their love and their practices in the context of international Christian education. Join us at ICEC and let us consider together.  

Conference Location

ICEC will be held at the campus of Kigali International Community School. Take some time to visit their website.

Conference Keynote Speakers

Dr. Natasha Moore | Research Fellow, Centre for Public Christianity

Natasha is a Research Fellow 300at the Centre for Public Christianity. She has a PhD in English Literature from the University of Cambridge and is the author of  Victorian Poetry and Modern Life: The Unpoetical Age, as well as editor of  10 Tips for Atheists and other conversations in faith and culture. She has worked for CPX since 2014 and written for the mainstream media on topics that include books, movies, politics, food, domestic violence, Scripture in schools, war, Thanksgiving, and freedom of speech.

Sandra Paetkau | Consultant and Founder, The Total Tech-Over    

Sandra has eighteen years classroom experience and began experimenting with instructional technology in 1997, when she was responsible for rolling out a 1:1 laptop program at the Australian International School in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since then, technology has evolved significantly and so has Sandra’s enthusiasm for leveraging technology in the classroom to empower learners. She spent eight years in Saudi Arabia working with national and international schools to create sustainable technology visions and transform learning with technology and presenting at teacher conferences, universities, and an international educational technology forum in Dubai. Sandra is pursuing her PhD in Education: Instructional Design and Technology, is the designer for a #FutureReady online Master of Leadership: Global Christian Education program at Prairie College, Alberta, Canada, and is the creator and founder of The Total Techover - a consultancy dedicated to helping schools leverage technology to transform learning. 

Dr. Philip Dow | Superintendent, Rosslyn Academy

Dr. Philip Dow is the Superintendent of Rosslyn Academy in Nairobi, Kenya.  Phil is an MK, having grown up in Ethiopia, England, Kenya, and the US, and is a product of two of our international Christian schools. He received his Ph.D. from Cambridge University and is the author of Virtuous Minds.

Conference Schedule


ICEC will begin on Wednesday, April 1 with a series of optional preconference courses from 09:00 to 16:00. The full conference will begin at 08:00 on Thursday, April 2, ending at 12:15 on Saturday, April 4, 2020. 

Workshop Options 
A complete workshop listing will be available closer to the conference dates. Please check back for more details.

*Call for Workshop Proposals*

Submit your workshop proposals here. If you have questions, please email the  Regional Director for International Schools.

April 1, 2020 Preconference Course Options ONLY  (open to member schools and non-member schools):  $50 -  preconference course fee includes lunch and snack breaks.

Preconference courses are optional 6-hour classes being held on 1 April. The cost for a preconference is $50 USD unless otherwise stated in the course description. You may select a preconference course option through the registration process. 

Biblical Integration
Debbie MacCullough | Higher Education Consultant, ACSI Global

This one-day pre-conference course offers an overview of a worldview approach to Biblical Integration. It is designed to help the Christian educator develop a practical foundation for teaching students from an authentically Christian perspective. The course begins with a summary of what is meant by “worldview” and how our worldview impacts our teaching. Next, participants will examine their own worldview and compare this to a biblical one.

For the majority of the session, an approach and tool for helping students to examine their own worldview in the context of their academic learning is presented.  This tool and training will assist the classroom teacher in using the content they teach to help students develop a distinctly biblical worldview and an apologetic for their faith.  It is designed to be used in schools that reach both Christian and non-Christian students. Bring a unit of study that will be taught in the near future with which to work during the sessions.  The end product will be the unit prepared to help students in developing their biblical worldview within the context of the academic content.

Instructional Technology in the Classroom: Unleashing the HyperDoc!!
Sandra Paetkau | Founder, The Total Techover

  • Do you want to integrate technology in your classroom but not sure where to start?
  • Do you have questions about how technology fits in with a Biblical worldview?
  • Do you want to know and understand the pedagogy behind effective technology integration but do not have the time to explore, weed through, and assimilate the vast amount of information out there?

Then this in-service training session is for you!  (suitable for teachers of grades 2 - 12)

HyperDocs* are a fantastic place to start when considering revamping existing lesson and unit plans to integrate technology in the classroom. Our time together will provide opportunity to not only explore briefly the pedagogical underpinnings of effective technology integration in the classroom, but will also provide opportunity to begin building a HyperDoc yourself. If you’re already familiar with HyperDocs and have been using them in your classroom, fantastic! Come prepared to share your tips and tricks as well as pick up a few more! Let’s share our knowledge.


  • Laptop or iPad (tablet)
  • Access to internet on all devices
  • Google account (if your school uses Office 365—no problem! But you’ll still need to have a Google account to access the day’s materials)
  • A lesson or unit plan you’d like to rework to integrate technology
  • A courageous and creative mindset

*HyperDocs are digital frameworks on which to build lesson or unit plans to foster the effective integration of technology. They are geared to be student centred and can be used by any grade level or subject content. HyperDocs were created by Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton, and Sarah Landis and their ideas are used with permission.

International Summit on Biblical Instruction and Christian Formation Practices
Roslyn Barnes | Consultant, ACSI Europe

Join the Conversation! Calling Bible instructors, school chaplains, heads of school, principals and curriculum directors to participate in an invigorating day of dialogue, sharing of ideas, networking, and brainstorming solutions surrounding best practice in Bible instruction and spiritual formation in international Christian schools. This unique ICEC PreConference course originated out of a similar gathering with leaders from 17 influential international Christian schools in December 2017 at Black Forest Academy. Two full days were spent considering what is and is not working in our Bible instruction and spiritual formation practices in the international school context. The gathering was incredibly meaningful, but it created a thirst for deeper dialogue and continuing the conversation on a larger scale.  This year's forum will include best practices in biblical instruction and Christian formation, dealing with the unique challenges of the international school setting, and creating a school culture that supports living faith in staff and students. Participants will be encouraged to share what they've experienced in their unique contexts, and the format will be highly interactive and collaborative. An online interest page will be created on the new ACSI Community Forum to keep the dialogue moving. Join us in seeking God's direction for how to cultivate authentic transformation at our schools.

Teaching with Cultural Intelligence 
Leslie Johnson | Consultant, ACSI Global

Cultural intelligence (CQ) is the capability to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations. It is critical in our world to learn how to develop one’s CQ in order to better love the people in our neighborhoods and churches, as well as those we work with, using diversity for strength. Especially in the international Christian schools, having CQ helps us deal with teaching children from other countries, generational issues, and any other cross-cultural challenges we face.

In this preconference course, we will unpack what CQ is, how to develop your own CQ to better serve your students, and then being to brainstorm about how to help your students develop their CQ. Discussions will include the cultural “dimensions” or “values” that have been identified and how our students may reflect those different dimensions. We will also explore how to grow our own CQ to become a more effective teacher cross-culturally. Finally, we will address and brainstorm ways to help our schools and classrooms become “Culturally Intelligent Communities” as well as ways to help our students grow in their CQ through lessons in classes. Required materials: a laptop with internet access.

Teachers who participate in this PreConference course…

  • will learn more about their students’ backgrounds and teach in a way that communicates to those children;
  • will begin to teach in a way that helps the students develop empathy and sensitivity to people of other cultures; i.e. develop CQ in the students;
  • and be able to help parents from different cultures navigate the dominant culture in the school.

Accreditation Training for Team Members and Team Chairs 
Tim Thompson | Associate Regional Director for International Schools, ACSI

REACH 2019 is the current version of the REACH accreditation protocol. From application through the implementation of the school improvement plan, the accreditation process is better structured and better organized. This course will look at the accreditation process from team members' and the team chair's perspective. We'll take a step-by-step approach to serving on an ACSI accreditation team and what that involves. There will be an emphasis on pre-visit activities, what happens during a visit, what are team members' responsibilities, and what may need to be concluded after the actual team visit. We'll also discuss REACH 2019 and some of the key aspects of the protocol, including data analysis, surveys, and new expectations. REACH has a totally new set of supporting documents for teams that we'll look at. Plus, we'll explore the ACSI ePlatform for REACH, and you will be able to have hands-on training in using this new tool. Be sure to bring your computer or tablet. Prospective team members and chairs need to attend this course.

(March 31, 2020) Accreditation Training for Schools 
Tim Thompson | Associate Regional Director for International Schools, ACSI

REACH 2019 is the current version of the REACH accreditation protocol. From application through the implementation of the school improvement plan, the accreditation process is better structured and better organized. This course will look at the accreditation process from the school’s perspective. Standards and indicators have been adjusted and manuals have been revised. The process is more collaborative and there's more emphasis on analysis of data. There is a new survey requirement and a new student assessment requirement. The whole process from application through the implementation of the school improvement plan is better structured and better organized. Plus, ACSI now has an ePlatform for REACH-both for schools and teams.  You will be able to have hands-on training in using this new tool.  Be sure to bring your computer or tablet. Every accredited school with team visits coming up within the next 2-3 years needs to send someone to this course.

(March 28-31) Rwanda Response Team Training, Child and Safety Protection Network

Join the Rwanda Response Team Training prior to the ICEC Conference. Registration will be completed at the CSPN website. 

Exhibitor/Sponsor Information

Exhibitor and Ad/Sponsor opportunities are available for ICEC Africa 2020. Please email the  conference coordinator for information.

Conference Pricing 

Conference price includes the conference price, three lunches, and tea/coffee times. Suppers are on your own. Price does not include preconference courses, housing, airfare, or transportation. All pricing stated is in USD.

Member Full-Conference Rate
Early rate: $300 per person until January 31, 2020 
Standard rate: $325 per person, February 1 through March 1, 2020

Nonmember Full-Conference Rate
Early rate: $400 per person until January 31, 2020 
Standard rate: $425 per person, February 1 through March 1, 2020

Preconference Course Rate
Rate includes the preconference course, lunch, and tea/coffee time.
Rate: $50

     Biblical Integration
     Debbie MacCullough | Higher Education Consultant, ACSI Global

     Instructional Technology in the Classroom: Unleashing the HyperDoc!!
     Sandra Paetkau | Founder, The Total Techover

     International Summit on Biblical Instruction and Christian Formation Practices
     Roslyn Barnes | Consultant, ACSI Europe

     Teaching with Cultural Intelligence
     Leslie Johnson | Consultant, ACSI Global

     Accreditation Training for Team Members and Team Chairs
     Tim Thompson | Associate Regional Director for International Schools, ACSI

     Accreditation Training for Schools (March 31, 2020)
     Tim Thompson | Associate Regional Director for International Schools, ACSI

*Each delegate from a member school will also get 12-month access to ConNEXUS Premium that begins upon registration to ICEC Africa, not from the start of the event.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Conference registration fees will be refunded, less the following fees:
1. Cancellations prior to January 31, 2020 will receive a full refund.
2. Cancellations prior to March 1, 2020 will be charged 25% of the registration price paid.
3. There will be  no registration reimbursement after March 1, 2020

Hotel cancellations are subject to hotel policies and the responsibility of the individual.

Housing Information

    Delegates are responsible to make their own hotel reservations. We recommend the following:

    Park Inn - Click on the hotel name to book at the special conference rate. Rooms offer the choice between double and twin beds,  free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast buffet, fitness area, and in-room coffee and tea facilities. Airport shuttle is available for $30 each way (reservations required). Consider local taxis or rideshares - see more information under Transportation.

       High floor standard room, $120.00 (VAT included) - max guests 3

       Standard room, $120.00 (VAT included) - max guests 2

       Hotel Cancellation Policy:
          Until 31 December: 100% 
          Jan 1-31: 75% refund without charge
          Feb 1-28: 50% refund without charge
          Mar 1-15: 25% refund without charge
          After March 15: no refund and cancellation fee is equal to the full stay reserved.

    Great Seasons Hotel Kigali  - Click here to request the special discount for this hotel when booking.  Rooms include free wifi, complimentary airport transport and town shuttle (upon request), complimentary breakfast, and a swimming pool. Within walking distance of the school. 

       Single Occupancy - $80.00 USD

       Double Occupancy - $120.00 USD

    Hotel Villa Portofino Kigali - currently offers low rates per night for the conference time frame. Rooms include free wifi, A/C, and a swimming pool. Within walking distance of the school.

       Superior Rooms - max guests 2

       Standard Rooms - max guests 2

    Kigali Marriott Hotel - Book directly with the hotel. Rooms include A/C, in-room coffee and tea facilities. Hotel offers complimentary wifi in the lobby and public areas, a spa, swimming pool and airport transport for $40 each way (reservations required). Consider local taxis or rideshares - see more information under Transportation.

       Double Room - max guests 3

       King Room - max guests 2

    Visa Information

    Each conference delegate is responsible to determine whether or not they require a visa to enter Rwanda. To request a letter of invitation, please email  ICEC

    Ground Transportation Information

    Local transportation (airport to/from hotel) will be handled separately, depending on your housing choice.

    • If you are booked at one of the recommended hotels listed above, please see the information on airport transportation.
    • If you prefer to use a cab, bring cash (USD or Francs) as they don’t accept cards. Official cabs are marked as such and have a meter.
      • Airport taxis are available 24 hours for any arrival. 
      • Book a taxi before your arrival: Use the MOVE by Volkswagen app to book a taxi to pick you up at arrival. Register and set up an account at and choose your choice of taxi and they will be available on your arrival. You can estimate your cost from the airport to Hotel from the app.

    More information will be coming about daily shuttle services from the Park Inn and Marriott to the conference. 

    RwandAir Ticket Discount

    A 15% discount on all flights from all 29 destinations is available. Please email the conference coordinator here.

    Cards, Cash and Local Currency Information

    • Carry cash to exchange at Forex Exchange Bureaus that are available to exchange regional currencies and Dollars, Pounds, Euros etc. 
    • Carry your ATM card to withdraw local currency at the Cash points at airport and city. ATMs that accept VISA, MasterCard, Union Pay, and other international cards are available within the airport (these dispense local currency only).
    • Hotels and Restaurants (most places in the city) take cards for any payments. 

    Tourism Packages

    Check back for special tourism packages available for those who would like to stay longer and sightsee outside Kigali.  These will not be part of the conference price and are handled directly by the organizations providing the excursions.

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