International Schools Job Fair

International School Job Fair

ACSI Global announces the 26th annual International School Job Fair Oct 22-30. 

One day job fairs will be held at the following locations:

●     Monday October 22 - Fire Up Student Teacher Conference - Aquinas College-Grand Rapid MI 3:00-6:00pm
●     Wednesday October 24 - Cedarville University - Cedarville OH 11:00am-4:00pm 
●     Tuesday October 30 - Liberty University - Lynchburg, VA 12:00-4:00pm 

The international schools attending will be seeking to fill open positions for teachers, counselors, administrators, IT specialists, boarding personnel, school nurses, etc. for the next school year and for the future. All fairs are open to anyone seeking a position at an international school overseas.

Attendee Information - Job Seeker

Are you interested in working at an international Christian school overseas? International Christian schools need qualified, passionate individuals with a variety of skill sets to minister to the children of missionaries and expatriate families. 

Whether you are ready to move overseas, or you are just curious about the possibilities, this fair has something for you. You will be able to meet international recruiters from all corners of the world, present your resume, and explore the many opportunities for serving overseas in an international school. Our schools are looking for teachers, administrators, dorm parents, residence assistants, guidance counselors, chefs, chaplains, maintenance personnel, Bible teachers, IT specialists, graphic designers, and more. If you are looking for an international position, please visit the ACSI Career Center to search open positions at our member schools worldwide.

Admission at each fair is free and there is no need to register. See university listings and times above. If you cannot attend one of the live fairs and have an interest in seeking a position in one of our international schools, please complete this form and we will follow up with you.

See a list of schools attending the fairs.

Contact Information

If you have questions about the International Job Fair, please contact us.

Recruiter Information

If you serve as an international school recruiter, these events will give you a unique opportunity to interact with hundreds of college-aged, first year, and experienced teachers, administrators and others from around the region in order to effectively find staff your school for the coming year.

Our job fair will include a special offer this year. Between stops at Cedarville University and Liberty University, Grand Canyon University is willing to fly you out to their campus in Phoenix AZ for a preview day (not a recruiting stop*). Contact us for the details on this unique opportunity.  If you choose to skip the GCU event, we suggest that you use the time between Cedarville and Liberty University to meet with other supporting colleges or churches on the way east to Virginia. Liberty University has informed us that you are welcome to come to the college a day before our fair and have a recruiting table in their common area. You will need to arrange that in advance. (Contact the job fair coordinator for details).

*GCU will be on our job fair tour in 2019. 

Recruiter Housing and Transportation Information

Recruiters are responsible for making all arrangements for housing, meals and transportation during the job fair.

Recruiter Pricing Information

Pricing for ACSI Member Schools (ACSI Membership is required):*

●     Standard Registration $450 until 9/16
●     Late Registration $500 until 10/12  

Pricing for Mission Agencies and Organizations that represent multiple schools:*

●     Standard Registration $550 until 9/16
●     Late Registration $600 until 10/12   

Registration will close on 10/12

Register Now!

You will be taken to a landing page when you click the registration link. From there, please select "register online". You will then be directed to log into the system. If you have previously had a profile in our database but have not logged into the new system yet, you will need to follow the directions to retrieve your password this first time. 

If you have not had a profile in our system previously, it will prompt you to create a profile. You will not be able to register without this profile. 

If you encounter a challenge, please contact us.

Contact Information

If you have questions about the International School Job Fair, please contact us.

Email: Job Fair Coordinator
Phone: 719.867.0210

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