International Schools Job Fair

International School Job Fair

October 22, 2019–October 29, 2019

ACSI Global announces the 27th annual International School* Job Fair 2019

*International schools are those located outside North America

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Job Seeker Information

Are you interested in working at an international Christian school overseas? International Christian schools need qualified, passionate individuals with a variety of skill sets to minister to the children of missionaries and expatriate families. The international schools are seeking to fill open positions for teachers, counselors, administrators, IT specialists, boarding personnel, school nurses, etc. for the next school year and for the future. 

Whether you are ready to move overseas, or you are just curious about the possibilities, this fair has something for you. You will be able to meet international recruiters from all corners of the world, present your resume, and explore the many opportunities for serving overseas in an international school. Our schools are looking for teachers, administrators, dorm parents, residence assistants, guidance counselors, chefs, chaplains, maintenance personnel, Bible teachers, IT specialists, graphic designers, and more. If you are looking for an international position, please visit the  ACSI Career Center to  search open positions at our member schools worldwide.

International Schools represented

  • Crossroads Christian Academy, Panama
  • Las Palmas Christian School, Domincan Republic* (LU, BU)
  • Christian Acadmey of Guatemala, Guatemala* (LU)
  • El Camino Academy, Colombia
  • Academia Los Pinares, Honduras* (LU)
  • Nicaragua Christian Academy International, Nicaragua* (LU,BU)
  • Pan American Christian Academy, Brazil* (GCU. LU)
  • Abundant Life International School, Cambodia* (GCU)
  • Logos International School, Cambodia* (LU)
  • Grace International School, Thailand
  • International Community School - Bangkok, Thailand
  • Sekolah Pelita Harapan Lippo Village, Indonesia
  • Wesley School, INdonesia* (GCU, LU)
  • Faith Academy, Philippines
  • Morrison Academy, Taiwan
  • Wanbang School, China
  • International Schools Consortium - China, China and UAE* (LU, BU)
  • Yongsan International School of Seoul, South Korea* (LU, BU)
  • Life International School, Cambodia* (LU)
  • American International School of Accra, Ghana
  • Liberty American School*, Accra, Ghana (LU)
  • Sahel Academy, Niger
  • Bingham Academy, Ethiopia
  • ABC Christian Academy, Malawi* (GCU, LU)
  • Mercy Ship Academy, Africa* (BU)
  • Cairo Covenant School, Egypt
  • Whitman Academy, Jordan* (GCU)
  • International Christian School of Budapest, Hungary
  • Christian International School of Prague, Czech Republic* (GCU, BU)
  • International Christian School of Vienna, Austria
  • Black Forest Academy, Germany
  • Evangelical Christian Academy, Spain
  • Antalya Learners International, Turkey* (GCU)
  • Hope Academy of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
  • International Academy of St. Petersburg, Russia* (GCU, BU)
  • Hinkson Christian Academy, Russia

Organizations representing multiple international schools

  • Missionary Aviation Fellowship* (GCU)
  • Network of International Christian Schools* (GCU, LU)
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators
  • Mission Next
  • Africa Inland Mission
  • Resourcing Christian Education International* (GCU, LU)
  • TeachBeyond

Contact Information

If you have questions about the International School Job Fair, please contact us.

Email: Job Fair Coordinator


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