International Student Program (ISP) Personnel Training

June 24, 2017–July 1, 2017
Houghton College, Houghton, New York

June 24, 2017–July 1, 2017
Houghton College, Houghton, New York

ACSI has developed a program, Teaching and Reaching International Students, for schools seeking to improve their services to international students. This indepth week of training for K–12 educators will provide ISP coordinators, administrators, and teachers insight into the cultural differences, language challenges, program organization, and classroom implications of teaching international students in a K–12 Christian school setting. The ISP program is being offered as one of the tracks of the larger Pre-FieldOrientation (PFO) Program, offered by ACSI for the past twenty years.The ISP Track of PFO will be held June 24–July 1, 2017 at Houghton College, Houghton, NY. The cost of $812 covers registration, program expenses, room, board, and CEUs.

**Graduate credit is available through Cairn University at $238 per credit hour (3 credit hours course). Features of the ISP training program:     

Participants will:  

  • Understand the unique needs of international students
  • Develop appropriate philosophy-based, mission-appropriate ISP program components
  • Learn best practices in teaching strategies, course design, resource selection, and assessment techniques that will promote learning for international students
  • Increase skills in cultural adaptation, spiritual development, and relationship building for students
  • Develop effective program, organizational, homestay, and recruitment strategies.

As a part of the ISP Track at PFO, participants will enjoy a multi-faceted program that is:

  • Embedded in a larger Pre-Field Orientation (PFO) program that prepares teachers and boarding parents to live and teach overseas
  • Taught by ELL and cross-cultural educators with many years of oversea experience
  • Practical - providing opportunities to work on your program with others in similar situations
  • CEUs available / Graduate credit available through Cairn University at $238 per credit hour (3 credit horu course). Contact for more information

Texts referenced in the training (in addition to a number of articles):

  • Judith Lingenfelter and Sherwood Lingenfelter, Teaching Cross Culturally: An Incarnational Model for Learning and Teaching (Grand Rapds, MI: Baker Academic, 2003)
  • Duane Elmer, Cross-Cultural Servanthood: Serving the World in Christlike Humility (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2006)
  • David Pollock and Ruth Van Reyken, Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds (Boston: Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2010)
  • Erin Meyer, The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business (New York: Public Affairs, 2014)

For more information contact 

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