NE Creative Writing Festival

February 28, 2020
Mail-In Event

In addition to celebrating the talents of emerging young writers, the Creative Writing Festival provides students with the opportunity to receive valuable feedback as they are encouraged to develop their writing skills.

Students submit creative writing pieces for evaluation on a district level. Three judges, provided by participating schools, evaluate each work submitted based on a rubric. Students are awarded based on their scores and receive evaluative comments from each judge. 

NOTE: The regional level of the Creative Writing Festival has been discontinued.

Students in Grades 4–12 from ACSI member schools may participate. The student participation fee per entry is $10.00. A school may register a maximum of four students per classroom per category.

Categories of Competition

  • Free Verse Poetry
  • Rhymed Poetry
  • Persuasive Essay
  • Short Story

School Registration 

  • Please complete the Spring Events Registration Form with the $60 school registration fee by October 31, 2019.
  • The student participation fees of $10.00 per entry will be due two weeks prior to the event.

2019/2020 Coordinator Resources

Once registration has closed, the coordinator listed on your registration form will receive preparation details and resources, including handbook passwords.

Creative Writing Coordinator Handbook Creative Writing Judges Contact Form 
Creative Writing Registration and Tabulation Form Student Fee Form
Creative Writing Student Participation and 
Judges Evaluation Form

Chairperson Resources

Chairperson resources are available for those hosting a Creative Writing Festival.


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