NE Math Olympics—Eastern PA

April 10, 2018
East Norriton, PA

The Math Olympics is a series of timed tests that are given in a series of rounds. Each student competes against other students in his or her grade. The areas of competition include arithmetic computation and mathematical reasoning. Students have an opportunity to meet and interact with other students who have an interest in mathematics.

Students in Grades 3–8 from ACSI member schools may participate. The student participation fee is $10.00 per student. Each school may enter up to three (3) students in the computation category and up to three (3) students in the reasoning category per grade level. The maximum number of students from any school is 36.

Categories of Competition

  • Arithmetic Computation: Paper/pencil computational problems such as fundamental operations.
  • Mathematical Reasoning: Paper/pencil problems that are more difficult than the daily mathematical assignments of the student's grade level, such as story problems, patterns, and puzzles. Problems involve more than one operation and/or concept and may require a high level of reasoning.

School Registration

Please complete the Spring Events Registration Form with the $60 school registration fee by October 31, 2017.

Coordinator resources are available for the Math Olympics.


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The Math Olympics is a series of timed tests that are given in a sequence of rounds. Students compete against other students at their grade levels.

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