Northeast Region Leadership Conference: Lancaster, PA

January 25, 2018 9:00 AM–January 26, 2018 3:00 PM
Location: DoubleTree Resort, Lancaster, PA

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January 25–26, 2018

Willow Valley, Lancaster, PA • Doubletree Resort

Welcome to the 2018 ACSI Northeast Regional Leadership Conference! This year’s theme is Instructional Leadership: The Mission FlashpointInstructional leadership defines the culture of a school and drives its mission. Although individuals can take formal responsibility for instructional leadership at a school, all leaders and teachers must take part in order to truly impact student learning.

This leadership conference is designed to address the various roles and strands of effective instructional leadership, as well as its essential connection to the mission and culture of the school. Our prayer is that you will leave this leadership conference with strategic initiatives to implement within your school community.





Wednesday, January 24  
1:00–4:00 PM  ASP Chair/Team Training
  REACH 2.1 Chair/Team Training
6:30–8:30 PM ASP Learning Community
Thursday, January 25  
7:00–8:30 AM Breakfast for House Guests
8:00–9:00 AM Registration/Visit Exhibits
8:30–8:45 AM Prayer Time
9:00–10:30 AM Plenary Session 1
10:30–11:15 AM Break/Visit Exhibits
11:15 AM–12:30 PM Workshop Session 1
12:30–2:00 PM Lunch/Visit Exhibits
2:15–3:30 PM Workshop Session 2
3:30–4:30 PM Shared Leadership & Change: Transforming the Instructional Culture
5:00–5:45 PM School Accreditation Interest Meeting
6:40–7:30 PM Discussion on Teacher's Compensation and Merit Pay
Friday, January 26  
7:00–8:00 AM Breakfast for House Guests
7:30–8:15 AM Registration/Visit Exhibits
7:45–8:00 AM Prayer Time
8:15–9:45 AM Plenary Session 2
9:45–10:15 AM Break/Visit Exhibits
10:15–11:15 AM Strategy Sessions
11:30 AM–12:45 PM Workshop Session 3
12:45–2:00 PM Lunch (optional)
2:00–3:00 PM Informational Session: Successfully Navigating ESSA and State Programs for Private Schools

*Printable Schedule of Sessions* (Updated 1/16/18)


Hotel Registration
Please make hotel reservations with DoubleTree Resort. Hotel reservations are to be made by Tuesday, January 9, 2018.

One Night Two Night
Single: $102/person Single: $204/person
Double: $51/person Double: $102/person
Triple: $34/person Triple: $68/person
Quad: $25.50/person Quad: $51/person

Meal Tickets
Meal tickets (breakfast and lunch) can be purchased at the front desk when you check in or throughout the conference. 

Breakfast: $14/day (tax and gratuity included)

Lunch: $14.50/day (tax and gratuity included)

Conference Early Registration Fees

ACSI/MACSA administrator or board member: $99
Nonmember administrator or board member: $198
ACSI/MACSA board member, one-day rate: $81
Non-ACSI/MACSA board member, one-day rate: $162

*Early registration fees apply if delegates register online by January 5, 2018. After this date, $10 per person will be added to the above fees. There will be no refunds for non-attendance; however, replacement attendees may be sent.


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Featured Speakers 

Ellen BlackDr. Ellen Black • Spiritual Formation
Dr. Ellen Lowrie Black serves as a graduate professor of education at Liberty University. She has over three decades of experience in education as a teacher, parent, board member, university professor, dean, and vice president. She has been published in numerous journals and books and is involved in training educators in Russia; Europe; Asia; and South, Central, and North America. In addition to her involvement with urban school educators, Dr. Black speaks widely to teachers, early educators, administrators, and students.

Becca FoxwellBecca Foxwell • Curriculum/Assessment
Becca Foxwell, who was named Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year in 2016, is passionate about instilling a love of learning in the hearts of her students as she equips them for twenty-first century success. She has taught first grade at Lickdale Elementary School for six years. She holds a BS in elementary education from Lancaster Bible College and an MEd in reading/reading specialist PK-12 certificate from Edinboro University. Becca shares her passion for leaving "forever fingerprints" on her teaching blog.

Workshop Presenters

Penny Clawson • Curriculum and Assessment
Dr. Penny Clawson served at Christian School of York for 15 years before coming to Lancaster Bible College in 1983. She served as the chair of the education department from 1985 to 2012 and as the program director of the graduate program for the Consulting Resource Teacher since 2003. Currently she serves as the faculty coach at the college and provides professional development for Christian schools and Bible college faculty.

Sara Jo Dillard • Early Education Directors/Instructional Leadership
Sara Jo Dillard, MEd, serves as the director of early education resources for ACSI. Sara Jo works in developing resources for ACSI’s early education members. She also speaks at early education and leadership conferences and consults with early educators in various capacities, including accreditation, leadership development, new program start-ups, and curriculum development. Sara Jo has over 25 years of experience in education, including serving as an early education principal, a director of a standalone child care center, and as a pre-K teacher.

Annie Gallagher •  Biblical World Integration
Annie Gallagher earned a Doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction through Columbia International University in 2016.  Her research was centered on ways to integrate biblical truth into classroom instruction through instructional coaching.   Her research showed that instructional coaching with biblically integrated instruction has a statistically significant effect on teachers' planning ability and quality of classroom instruction.  Annie Gallagher has over 20 years of experience in public and Christian education as a classroom teacher, remedial learning teacher, Director of Curriculum, and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum.  She currently provides training and support for teachers and Christian schools for biblical integration and instructional coaching in collaboration with Summit Ministries, as well as working as an independent consultant to schools in the areas of curriculum alignment and instructional practice.

Dr. Derek Keenan • Board Track
Dr. Derek Keenan served as a head of school (1973–1996) before becoming the vice president for academic affairs at ACSI (now retired). He is a published author and editor with works on Christian school leadership, board governance, accreditation, and school quality. Derek has spoken at conferences and conventions across the U.S. and around the world. He is passionate that all work in Christ’s name be biblically framed, serve others, meet clearly identi­fied needs, and be delivered with a gracious authority that inspires the pursuit of excellence.

Matt Kwiatkowski • Developing Your Faculty: Culture, Instruction, and PD
Matt has spent 22 years in both public and private education teaching and leading in elementary, middle, and high schools in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. As a result of working with many teachers with varied strengths, passions, and personalities, Matt has become passionate about helping teachers become the educator Christ has called them to be. He serves as director of instruction (K–12) for Delmarva Christian Schools in Georgetown, Delaware.

Dr. Lynn Swaner • Professional Development Culture
Dr. Lynn Swaner is the director for thought leadership and higher education initiatives at ACSI. Prior to working with ACSI, she served as a Christian school administrator and a graduate professor of education. A published scholar, her focus is on engaged pedagogy and creating cultures that foster student learning.

Erin Wilcox • Technology and Innovation
Dr. Erin Wilcox serves as the assistant vice president for academic services at ACSI, overseeing accreditation, certi­fication, and international student programs. Dr. Wilcox has developed hybrid programs, online courses, and the ACSI Accreditation for Online Learning Protocol. Her educational training includes a BS in special education from Illinois State University, a MA in instructional leadership from the University of Alabama, and an EdD in educational administration from Bethel University.


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