NY State Rethinking Sustainability Leadership Conference

November 11, 2019–November 12, 2019


Join us for our first NY Leadership Conference on Rethinking Sustainability with Dr. Alan Pue!

Event Flyer

Dr. Pue will help attendees examine their assumptions about school finance, understand sound financial principles, recognize reliable revenue streams, and explore principles and practices necessary for a thriving, sustainable school.

General Schedule

Mon., Nov. 11 (1-8 p.m.)
The Cost Disease, Foundational Principles/People, and Building a Better Budget.

Tues., Nov. 12 (9 a.m.-2:30p.m.)
Linking Strategic Planning and Strategic Budgeting and You Cant do it Alone


The conference will take place at Traditions Hotel & Spa. Use the booking link to make your reservations using your credit card (to hold the room), referencing that you are with the ACSI group. After the conference, we will send a rooming list to NY State for payment.

This conference is made possible using NY State Title funds. 

Cost: $35/ person (includes lodging & meals at the conference)

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Professional development (PD) opportunities are nearly universal in the experiences of U.S. educators, both in public school settings and in Christian schools. The question of which PD strategies are most effective has become more critical in recent years, as schools face increasing internal and external pressures to improve student outcomes and optimize instructional expenditures. As a result, many school leaders are seeking to identify PD opportunities with high return on investment (ROI) in terms of student learning and achievement.

In an effort to address this issue systematically, a comprehensive literature synthesis was commissioned by ACSI (Swaner 2016). The synthesis, which surveyed over 500 scholarly articles and resources over the past 20 years, asked the question, “What are best practices in PD for Christian school teachers and leaders?” While little research was found specific to Christian education, what was available corroborated much of the broader literature on PD in K–12 schools. A set of characteristics of effective PD were identified in the literature, as well as a range of practices for which there exists research on their effectiveness. The synthesis also reviewed the evidence for the importance of cultures of continuous improvement to the effectiveness of any PD efforts.

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