NW Speech Meet—Ponderay, ID

February 23, 2018
Sandpoint Christian School

Elementary and Junior High Speech Meets: 
ACSI Speech Meets exist to encourage students to speak audibly, articulately, and expressively before an audience and to encourage students to develop their skills of communication to bring honor to the Lord. Though categories differ for each age level, all students are judged against a judging form. The events for Elementary and Junior High are usually half-day.  

Categories for Elementary include:  Poetry, Bible Memorization, Dramatic Bible Prose, Patriotic Oration, and Original Speech.

Categories for Junior High include:  Dramatic Reading, Humorous Reading, Costumed Dramatic Monologue, Costumed Humorous Monologue, Dramatic Poetry, Humorous Poetry, Visual Aid Speech, Puppets, Original Speech, Bible Memorization and Application. 

$60—School Registration Fee
$9—Per Student Participation Fee

Speech Meet Handbooks & Resources

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