South-Central Spelling Bee FW St Paul's Preparatory Academy, Arlington, TX

January 12, 2018

Host School:  St Paul's Preparatory Academy

Address:  6900 US Hwy 287, Arlington, TX  76001

What is the ACSI Spelling Bee?

Purpose:  The ACSI Spelling Bee is not an exercise in memorization but in spelling abilities. Proper and confident communication skills are encouraged while students also develop vocabulary and accurate word usage.

 Description:  Grade level competitions are held in individual rooms. This is followed by a spell-off (or final round) for the top four winners from grades 5-8. From the spell-off, the top four spellers qualify for the regional spelling bee competition. From the regional spelling bee, the top five spellers qualify to participate at the ACSI national spelling bee competition. 

Grades:  3-8

How to Get Started?

ACSI Student Activities are open to member schools.

•  Complete the South-Central Student Activities Registration form.

• Passwords for resources are emailed to school coordinators. The handbooks are available to download on the Spelling Bee home page to help schools coordinate the event at their own school and to prepare for/attend the district-level event.

• The Student Participation form and the student participation fees are due at the host school no later than 30 days before the event. 

More information is available on the SC Spelling Bee page. 

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to contact the South-Central Student Activities Coordinator ( at the South-Central regional office with any questions.

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