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Do you want to develop a sustainable support base for your school's mission and cultivate a culture of giving?

The Foundation launched a Repayable Grant Program in 2008 to facilitate the training of Christian school leaders in the principles of  relational fund development. Partnering with Benevon and their proven sustainable funding model, over thirty schools have completed at least one year of training and have collectively raised over $12 million.  Sustainability is within reach for those schools that commit to Benevon's evidence-based processes for coaching and accountability with the goal of building a sustainable support base.

As a benefit to our members, we are extending an opportunity for approximately 20 ACSI schools to attend a private Benevon training. Through a competitive selection process, we will be looking for member schools that have already set a high bar with regard to leadership strength and board involvement and are ready to take the next step toward ensuring the school's long-term sustainability. The Foundation will provide tuition funding, coordination and additional support for those chosen.

Criteria for schools interested in the repayable grant and private workshop:

  • Maintain current ACSI membership for three years after receiving the grant.
  • Send an approved team of six to seven participants to the private workshop. A Benevon representative will be in communication to confirm team requirements. Please note that travel and accommodations expenses are not included in the grant.
  • Follow Benevon coaching according to the plan developed at the workshop, up to and including the Ask Event.
  • Participate in telephone coaching calls every six to eight weeks with your Benevon coach for twelve months or until your Ask Event, whichever comes first.
  • Sign an agreement committing to repay the interest-free grant within twelve months of issuance, or within ninety days of the Ask Event, whichever comes first.
  • Provide feedback to ACSI for assessment of progress toward goals, upon request.

Read an inspiring testimonial from an ACSI school that has implemented the Benevon Model.
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For more information, please call 719-867-5273.