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Riverside Christian School, Lost Creek, Kentucky

Natural disasters are certainly making the headlines these days. Whether hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, floods and such, our Christian schools and their families are being impacted by these calamities. Close to home in our Central Division is ACSI member school Riverside Christian School in Lost Creek, Kentucky, that faced a devastating flood in July 2022.

ACSI is determined to help bear the burden of care and compassion (1 Corinthians 12) by supporting our member schools when natural disasters strike. Please consider supporting our efforts by contributing to this ministry of compassion.

Hurricane Ian

From roof and structural damage to a foot or more of flooding, school campuses have been impacted by Hurricane Ian. More importantly, some Christian school families, teachers and staff are struggling to take care of bare necessities. By giving to this fund, you become a tangible help to so many in our ACSI school family.


The situation in Ukraine has drawn the attention of the entire world. It is hard for us to imagine what it would be like to experience what the people in this region are going through—things like not having food to feed their families and having to say goodbye to husbands and sons as they go off to fight. What is probably the hardest thing for us to think about during times of conflict is the impact war has on children.

In the face of these distressing circumstances, we are hearing stories of those who are bringing the light of Jesus into the darkness. Many of our ACSI member schools in surrounding nations are opening their buildings to house and feed refugees. We are hearing of people who are helping evacuate school staff and students and get them to safety. And there are many other heroic deeds occurring that we will never hear about.

In response, our school leaders on the ground are asking for immediate help. Would you pray about supporting those who are on the front lines of this crisis? Your donation will go directly to Christian schools and communities affected by the war. Here are a few urgent examples of what your gift will do:

  1. Assisting with expenses of evacuating school staff and students,
  2. Supporting Christian schools that are housing refugees,
  3. Helping Christian schools continue operations during and after the war.