District Meetings

2018 District Meetings

Attention Early Education Leaders! Take advantage of an opportunity to meet other Christian leaders and get to know your Regional Director at ACSI's fall district meetings. The purpose of the district meeting in your area is to allow leaders and administrators of ACSI member schools and early education programs to convene, collaborate, and gain insight on a specific topic. This year the topic for discussion is SCHOOL SAFETY.  What does it mean to be "safe" in a Christian school and in a Christian early education program? 

A Christian worldview approach to safety views this important matter holistically:

  • Emotional Safety - what does it mean for a student to be emotionally safe in a school/program setting?

  • Physical Safety - what must a school/program provide (policies, procedures, facilities. etc.) to ensure physical safety?

  • Spiritual Safety - how can a Christian school/program provide an environment of spiritual safety which allows students a safe environment to wrestle with their spiritual condition, belief, and faith? Is it safe to doubt here?

Dates and arrival times depend on each region. Visit ACSI's Regional Office web page and choose your region to find the district meeting closest to you. Please RSVP so the Regional Director will know to expect you.