Higher Education Accreditation Program (HEAP)

The Higher Education Accreditation Program (HEAP) is offered to accredited, ACSI member, Christian liberal arts colleges, universities, and Bible colleges. Colleges and universities seeking to participate in the program must give evidence of a commitment to preparing teachers and administrators to serve in Christian schools and must show they are encouraging their graduates to prayerfully consider serving in Christian schools. Graduates of approved programs will reflect a pervasive Christian testimony and will have an understanding of the following:

  • A Christian worldview
  • The philosophy of Christian school education
  • The distinctive of Christian schooling
  • The process of biblically integrating instruction 

Benefits that Higher Education institutions receive for being members of the ACSI Higher Education Accreditation Program:

  1. HEAP institutions are granted a reduced membership fee (the HEAP fee is due in addition to the membership fee and is calculated based on enrollment within the education department).
  2. Faculty members have access to ConNexus Premium: an online professional development portal with excellent videos for use in classrooms on a wide-range of topics. The number of free faculty subscriptions will be based on the education department enrollment of the institution.
  3. Graduates from approved programs receive an initial (or their next renewal, if previously ACSI certified) ACSI teacher or administrator certificate for no cost.
  4. Graduates from approved programs have the opportunity of putting their resumé on the ACSI Career Center and viewing job opportunities in Christian schools around the world.
  5. Education department curriculum libraries will receive complimentary copies of ACSI published curriculum in Bible, science, math, and/or spelling. HEAP institutions will be able to select a set number of resources based on the education department enrollment.
  6. Approved programs will be listed and available to ACSI high school constituents looking for outstanding educator training programs.
  7. Your faculty will receive potential publishing and speaking opportunities for the Christian School market. 
  8. Legal/legislative monitoring of state and federal issues affecting Christian post-secondary education, including advocacy advisories and alerts, will be provided to your institution.

For questions concerning the program or how to apply, please email Higher_Education@acsi.org.