Higher Education Student Chapters—PACE

Goals for each chapter:

  • To connect students in teacher preparation to a global community of Christian educators who are committed to living and teaching from a biblical worldview
  • To provide a professional Christian educators association that will serve them as students and follow them into their career path no matter where they may teach
  • To expand and enrich the professional development and dialog among teachers in training
  • To engage and inform students with the opportunities to teach in a Christian school in North America or globally
  • To provide a platform for education students to engage in leadership development and education-related service projects

Benefits of Membership:

  • Meetings that provide opportunity to fellowship, and affirm their calling and passion to teach
  • Forum that will connect teachers in preparation within and across the Christian college/uniPACE Membership card imageversity community
  • Community where the difficult and challenging questions about teaching and learning are discussed, and where students can connect and pray for each other as teachers in training
  • Professional development opportunities utilizing ACSI (ConNexus) and other resources (online, books, speakers)
  • Membership access to the ACSI online Career Center job board

Chapter Organization:

Approval is needed by the Teacher Education Department and the College or University. A chapter sponsor is appointed to determine a meeting schedule and format, the social and professional development aspects of the organization; to oversee the election/appointment of chapter officers; and to notify ACSI of all chapter information.

ACSI will provide ConNEXUS premium access for each student member, along with membership cards.

Chapter Fees: No chapter fees to ACSI are being charged at this time. The institution can determine if there is a fee to cover the cost of any social activities and supplies needed.

For information email Higher_Education@acsi.org.