Member Benefits for Christian Colleges and Universities

  1. Your school will receive a free mailing list of the Distinguished Christian High School HIgher EdStudent award students (more than 7,000 students) by e-transfer.
  2. Your school may pursue ACSI approval programs for your teacher education department and graduate administration programs. These ACSI programs approve—but do not accredit—your education department programs. Approval means that graduates from approved programs receive automatic ACSI certification, samples of all ACSI curriculum, and membership in a Professional Association of Christian Educators student chapter, if available.
  3. Your institution will have a reduced registration rate to PD Forums in your area. (HEAP programs only)
  4. Upon request to our Colorado Springs headquarters office, your enrollment office will receive an e-transfer of all ACSI member high school addresses.
  5. Your institution will have opportunities for advertising with ACSI.
  6. Your institution will be listed in the ACSI online directory.
  7. Legal/legislative monitoring of state and federal issues affecting Christian postsecondary education, including advocacy advisories and alerts, will be provided to your institution. State-by-state overviews of certification, accreditation, and laws pertaining to U.S. private and religious schools are available upon request.
  8. Your institution will receive free subscriptions to ACSI's national and regional publications, including Legal/Legislative Update and Christian School Education.
  9. Your school can take advantage of reduced prices on an ever-expanding array of ACSI curriculum and trade publications.
  10. You will be able to call our "legal hotline"—an ACSI phone link with our attorney—and receive (for a reasonable fee) a professional consultation on your legal questions. Legal audits of your college and of seminars on your campus are also available at reduced rates. 
  11. Your faculty will receive potential publishing and speaking opportunities.