Member Benefits for Christian Colleges and Universities

1. ACSI Website

a. Listing as a member institution on ACSI website, with link to institutional website;

b. Listing of any scholarship offerings (for students or member school employees) on ACSI website;

c. Listing of any ACSI-approved coursework and available professional development opportunities for Christian school faculty, staff, and leaders (that leads to meeting certification requirements).

2. ACSI Lists

a. A listing of ACSI member high schools with contact information;

b. Access to ACSI's list of Distinguished Christian High School Student Award winners.

3. ACSI Services

a. Access to ACSI's Career Center;

b. Subscription to ACSI publications, including Legal Legislative Update.

4. ACSI Sponsor Program

a. Membership fee is applied toward sponsorship level;

b. Application fee of $1500 is waived.

In Addition, HEAP Membership includes:

1. All costs for pursuit/maintenance of HEAP status for teacher education department and graduate programs (excluding costs related to visits).

2. When HEAP status is successfully obtained/maintained:

a. Automatic initial ACSI certification free of charge for qualified graduates from approved programs;

b. Consideration of faculty and students as potential ACSI Higher Education Professional Development Partners (development of online content for ConNEXUS Premium, and approval to present at ACSI professional development events);

c. Free samples of PDP textbook series for education department library;

d. Designation on ACSI website as HEAP institution;

e. Discounted attendance at ACSI events for program students.

Eligibility Requirements

Your institution must be accredited by a recognized (CHEA) accrediting agency, or, if not accredited by an approved accrediting agency, submit the following documentation to ACSI for evaluation and verification prior to membership approval:

  • Most recent institutional catalog
  • Proof of four years of existence
  • Proof of state, country, or provincial recognition as a degree-granting institution
  • Proof of faculty credentials and curricular credibility
  • Proof that credits transfer to fully accredited undergraduate or graduate institutions
  • Any other information deemed appropriate to assist in evaluation