International Snapshot

Fellow International Educator,

Welcome to 2018! Since I last wrote to you, I participated in the Summit on Bible instruction and spiritual formation held at Black Forest Academy. It was truly inspiring to be in the room with over 30 men and women from 17 international ACSI member schools from around the world. Without exception, each participant brought a heart-burning desire to see their students come to know and love Jesus through the Word and Christian acts of service. The discussions were rich and compelling. While no single solution emerged, that was not the aim of the Summit, it was clear that the role of the Bible teacher, and their personal passion for God and His Word and their loving relationship with their learners, is of the utmost importance. Two days, as it turned out, was not nearly enough time to explore all the ways to improve our Bible instruction and spiritual formation practices in our international schools. We hope to keep the dialog moving along across the regions as we are able.
In the meantime dear teacher, let me ask you the question my mom used to ask me when I was a teenager, "Were you in the Word today?" I will go ahead and admit (and this is laughable) I would get "in the Word" just to get her off my back. Thankfully that practice turned to habit and habit turned to love. Do not misunderstand me, I am not advocating classroom assignments for our students just to get someone off their backs. Rather I'm looking at you and me. If we want to be leading students to Jesus in new ways, we need to meet with Him daily in the Word and in prayer so that His presence pours out of us and into the classroom.
By the way, according to Isaiah 55:8–13 (especially verse 11) it turns out that time spent in the Bible, even for a teen with a bad attitude, never returns void!
Lastly, we love hearing your responses to these "Snapshots". Thank you!

Be blessed,
Tim Shuman, Regional Director for International School team

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Two International School Leaders Conferences (ISLC)
ISLC Latin America
Registration is now open!
Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica
25–28 January, 2018
Main Speaker: Paul Campey, School Governance Principles

ISLC Europe
Registration is now open!
Portoroz, Slovenia
29 April–2 May, 2018
Main Speakers: Jan Dormer, author of What School Leaders Need to Know About English Learners. Dr. Randy Richards, Provost at Palm Beach Atlantic University                 

PreField Orientation (PFO)
Shorter, less expensive, just as effective!
24 June–1 July, 2018 
Houghton, NY 
PreField Orientation (PFO) is an annual conference for teachers, boarding parents, administrators, and their families headed to international Christian schools. New this year! We are calling all heads of school, HR directors, or recruiters to attend PFO to intentionally invest in your new hires before they leave North America. 

Save the date!
21–24 November, 2018
Speakers: John Dickson and the team

ICEC Europe
Save the date!
11–14 April, 2019

1. Check out the new ACSI Blog! It is highly recommended. 
2. Black Forest Academy, located in Kandern, Germany, is seeking a new head of school, on an interim or permanent basis, beginning as early as June 2018. Please see their Opportunity Profile for further information. 
3. Did you know that you can place a job opening ad right in the ACSI Christian School Educator? CSE magazine goes out to every ACSI member school across the USA and all of our international schools (over 2300 schools with a readership of 50,000). This is a great opportunity for you.
4. Calling all African American staff in our schools: if your motivation is Christian-missional, you are US-born and you're serving full time cross-culturally for at least 2 years, you qualify for inclusion in an African American "M" census. The results will be submitted for publication in a M journal. No personal identifiers (names, ministries, schools, etc.) will be included. Please contact Jim Sutherland (PhD) at for inclusion. Here are two links to previous work: