International Snapshot

Fellow International Christian Educator, 

About four weeks ago we concluded another PreField Orientation training for adults (and many accompanying children) who are about to head overseas to teach in your schools. Here are a few responses participants gave to the post-PFO survey question, “What would you say to someone thinking about attending PFO in the future?”

  • GO! It's a really helpful conference.
  • Go for the community, tools, golden nuggets of wisdom, support, and ice cream.
  • Highly recommend. The time commitment may seem daunting, but it was worth every minute.
  • Completely WORTH IT! I met so many amazing teachers and I was blessed and extremely humbled to learn their walks of life and faith and how they ended up at PFO.
  • It will be a great experience. You will meet fascinating people who you can connect and pray with.
  • This is a relaxed-pace, learning-training event. The connections with people during this training are just as important as the material that is learned.
  • No matter your stage in life/ministry, you can take something away from this experience.
  • Attend without question.
  • It’s a retreat and training in one!

When asked about the impact of PFO training ...

  • 93% indicated they felt better prepared for their coming cultural transitions.
  • 96% indicated that they felt better informed on how to work with TCKs
  • 89% of participants indicated they felt more confident about their upcoming move as a result of attending PFO.

I know this is summer so I’m keeping this Snapshot short. Please take note of the events coming up this school year. We would love to see you in attendance.

Blessings to all,   


Tim Shuman for the International School Team
Tim Thompson, Assoc Regional Director
Anne Jones, Exec Assistant to Tim S.
Kimberly Park, Exec Assistant to Tim T.


1. Job Fair 2019. 22–29 October 2019. Dates for our job fair tour are confirmed as follows:  

22 October: Grand Canyon University (20,500 students on campus)
24 October: Liberty University (16,000 students on campus)
29 October: Baylor University (16,000 students)  

2. ICEC Africa will take place on the campus of Kigali International Community School 1–4 April 2020. 

3. ISCL Europe (International School Leaders Conference) will be held on 26–29 April 2020. Location to be determined. Keynote speakers include Research Fellow, Dr. Natasha Moore, at Centre for Public Christianity, and Sandra Paetkau, consultant and founder of The Total Tech-Over. Registration will open soon. 


  • Recruiting for the Christian International School. I put together this document following a workshop I held at ICEC Prague in April 2019. It is a collection of recruiting ideas for international schools that covers a lot of ground. I realize that August may not be the ideal time for you to get this sort of help, but international school leaders know that recruiting staff is a year-round activity. The next recruiting cycle is nearly upon us.  
  • ACSI Communities. Have you taken advantage of ACSI's new Community platform  yet? Please have a visit and join in the conversation with Christian educators around the globe.
  • The ACSI Blog. Have you read the latest ACSI Blog post?