International School Transcripts

PLEASE choose the U. S. Postal Service: Domestic for transcript requests. 
No overnight or other delivery services are available at this current time. Thank you for your understanding! 

ACSI stores documents for international member schools ONLY. If you graduated from a U.S. school that has closed, please contact your ACSI regional office. The international school office does not store transcripts for any U.S. school.

The Student Transcript Depository Services ensures:

  • Confidentiality for all student records/transcripts.
  • A secure depository for the permanent records of all graduates.
  • Storage of student records/transcripts if an international school closes.

PLEASE CHECK the list of participating schools before submitting the request form to see if your school sends transcripts to ACSI. Then make sure the year you graduated is on file. Please be aware that we have a very limited number of withdrawal transcripts on file. 


Transcripts will be sent from ACSI within two to three working days following receipt of transcript request form. Overnight transcript requests received after 1:30 PM Mountain Time will be sent the following day.


Processing Fee: $20.00 per transcript released. 

Overnight Shipping Processing Fee: The charge for shipping is the charge ACSI has to pay. This will be processed one day from when we receive it and sent by overnight for next day delivery unless deliverer is outside the continental USA. Please note that for overnight delivery, UPS require a phone number and physical address—no post office boxes.
International Shipping Fees: International delivery services usually take five to seven days.

Types of Transcripts

  1. Official Transcript: Mailed directly to an educational institution, potential employer, or scholarship agencies.
  2. Official Transcript—Issued to Student: Mailed to student in a sealed envelope to be opened only by authorized personnel.Important Note: Many colleges will not accept sealed transcripts sent to students or hand delivered transcripts.
  3. Unofficial Transcript: Released directly to students for personal use. Since this is not stamped official, educational institutions will not accept this.

Ordering Process

Transcripts can be ordered by completing the online form below. Other email or telephone orders for transcripts cannot be accepted as the student’s signature is legally required to release transcripts.

Please do all of the following when ordering a transcript:

  1. Fill out online transcript request form.
  2. Fill out the form completely.
  3. Sign the transcript request form as transcripts can only be released when the student’s signature is on file.
  4. Form of payment is by credit or debt card only. 

Your School Records

School transcript storage is provided as a complementary service to international member schools.

How do we copy our records for storage?
Member international schools can send printed or electronic student transcripts.

Transcript Depository FAQs

Who can request my transcript?
The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), a federal law, requires that we have a written, signed release form from the student before releasing any confidential information. Therefore transcripts will be released to an employer or institution only with a completed transcript request form with the student’s signature authorizing the release.

Does the school I attended store their transcripts with ACSI?
Only ACSI member international schools can apply for this service. View the list of participating schools document above. 

If I withdrew from a participating school does ACSI have my student records?
Probably not. Most schools only send us transcripts of graduates. However, we do have withdrawal student records for a few participating schools.

If my school or graduation year for my school isn’t on the list, where can I get my transcript?
You will need to contact your school and request a transcript from them directly.

How much does it cost for member schools to store transcripts?
ACSI member schools are provided this service as a benefit of ACSI membership.

How and where are the transcripts filed?
ACSI maintains transcripts in separate files by name of school and year of graduation. These files are permanently housed at ACSI Headquarters and maintained by the Global office.

What should the transcript look like?
Transcripts should be one-page (front and back) if possible and issued as official with the proper signatures, graduation date, school name and address, and school seal or logo which can be seen when copied. If the school is accredited, all accreditation stamps must be visible on the transcript. Universities and the military reject transcripts without proper authorization. Please be sure that the transcript has the student’s official name on it and not a nickname.

Whose transcripts should the school send?
Please send transcript copies each year for all graduates. You may also send all student records for those who have withdrawn prior to graduating.

“What if” in the event of a...?
Permanent School Closure: Schools may send electronic copies of original transcripts, report cards, and student health records. ACSI will maintain these on a permanent basis. School closure due to unforeseen circumstances (political or natural disaster): ACSI will maintain the original transcripts for all students currently enrolled in the school and all students who have graduated, transferred, or withdrawn from the school until such time as the crisis is past and school reopens. 

What should our packet of transcripts include?
A school profile sheet—all international schools do not have the same weight for scores. The school profile sheet makes it easier for institutions to determine the information they need based on the school’s criteria. A separate sheet with a list of the students’ names as they are filed. The transcripts need to be filed in alphabetical order by the student’s last name. Transcripts may be sent in paper form or electronically. Transcripts need to have the student’s official name on it. Please do not use nicknames as most universities will not accept them. It also needs to have the appropriate signatures, seal or logo. See the section "What should the transcript look like."

When should I send the transcripts to ACSI?
Please send transcripts as soon after graduation as possible. Many students request transcripts at the end of the school year in order to meet university and scholarship application deadlines. If transcripts are mailed, please send to:

Attn: Student Transcript Depository
731 Chapel Hills Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Email: transcripts.

How do I inform our graduates about this service?
Please inform them on how to check the list of participating schools for the years for which ACSI has transcripts on file and how to obtain the transcript request form on our website. ACSI cannot release their transcript without their signature on the request form every time they want a transcript sent.