International Schools Member Benefits

Career Center: The ACSI Career Center is an excellent place for schools to find qualified candidates and for teachers to find work.  Each International School (non-US)  may post eight job openings free ($2312 value) at the ACSI Career Center.  

School or Boarding Accreditation: Personalized consultation is provided to international schools to help with everything from candidacy status through the self-study year, to the onsite visit, to accredited status. This includes boarding accreditation. Contact the Associate Director for International Schools.

International Conferences: International Christian Educator Conferences (ICEC), International Administrator Conferences (IAC), and International Boarding Conferences (IBC) held worldwide. Contact ICEC.

International Schools Job Fair: A recruiting fair held annually in the US that connects international school representatives with potential hires. Contact Job Fair Coordinator.

Instructional Materials and Educator Resources: Textbooks, seminars, webinars, and evaluation copies may be obtained at Purposeful Design Publications (PDP). PDP strives to produce biblically sound materials that reflect Christian values. Members can take advantage of free reviews of PDP student textbooks. Our spring forward promotion offers discounted shipping and deferred billing-April through August

Community: Network with people from around the world through ACSI's online Community. This digital platform provides access up to 50, 000 colleagues depending on the group. Connect based on topics, roles or interests and develop a "community of practice" to enhance ability to collaborate—or join for practical advice, support, and resources. Visit Community.

Learning (Premium): a powerful on-demand professional development tool that provides access to more than 500 hours of instruction. Users may earn, record, and earn CEUs. Visit Learning.

Publications: ACSI offers a variety of informative publications as a benefit of membership-Christian School Comment, Christian School Education, Legal Legislative Update, and Purposeful Design Publications. Visit Publications and Newsletters.

Pre-Field Orientation (PFO): An annual eight-day training program that prepares teachers, boarding parents, administrators, and their families heading to international Christian schools. Contact PFO.

Leadership U: ACSI's yearlong program for new and aspiring heads of school will give you what you need to grow as a leader, transform your school, and better serve God's kingdom. Visit Leadership U.  

Educator Certification: Early education through high school teachers and administrators may obtain certification with ACSI. Visit Certification.

Find a School Directory: Parents and educators can easily find all ACSI schools based on location or name—a fantastic way to drive traffic to websites and increase reach. 

Transcript Depository: International Schools may safely place the transcripts of their graduates in ACSI's secure depository free of charge. Your alumni can request their transcripts from ACSI at any time for a fee. Contact Transcripts.

Student Assessment: Member schools have access to the TerraNova3 Achievement Test, an annual program of student assessment for grades K–12. This includes a Bible Assessment Subtest. Visit Purposeful Design Publications.

Language Proficiency Assessment: LAS Links Online K–12 assessments help you accurately determine the academic and social language skills of English language learners.

Global Prayer Guide: A monthly printable prayer guide that highlights what's going on in Christian schools around the world. Join us in praying for your fellow member schools! Contact International.

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