Educator Professional Liability Program

EPLP—ACSI's Educator Professional Liability Program 

Protect your integrity and finances!

When you've been served with a professional liability lawsuit, we can help:

Professional Liability Lawsuit with ACSI's EPLP (total cost—$99 EPLP fee):

  • Personal liability for judgments covered up to $2 million
  • Defense costs covered up to $25,000
  • Lost wages and other case-related expenses covered up to $25,000

Professional Liability Lawsuit without ACSI's EPLP (total cost—potentially tens of thousands of dollars):

  • Come up with bail bond money.
  • Hire a defense attorney.
  • Could there be punitive damages?
  • What about my lost wages?
  • How can I properly carefor those who depend on me while all of this is going on?
  • What about my certification?
  • How can I afford mental health counseling to help me cope with this issue?
  • Will I lose my home to pay for a judgment against me?

ACSI's Educator Professional Liability Program (EPLP) can save you thousands of dollars!

ACSI now offers professional liability coverage for administrators and teachers in member schools. For a small fee of $99 per year, you can be covered up to $2 million. General liability insurance does not usually cover individual teachers and administrators, but this policy, underwritten by Cincinnati Insurance Company, covers all of the following:

Part A: Professional Liability

Each professional incident limit: $1,000,000

Professional incident annual limit: $2,000,000

Bail bond limit: $1,000

Part B: Defense Costs Only Coverages

Defense costs only annual limit: $25,000

  1. Criminal action limit: $10,000
  2. Professional rights limit: $2,500
  3. Certification limit: $2,500
  4. Civil rights limit: $25,000
  5. Sexual misconduct/molestation limit: $10,000
  6. Private instruction limit: $1,000
  7. Non-monetary defense damage limit: $5,000

Part C: Identity Recovery Coverage

Lost wages and child/elder care expense sub-limit: $5,000

Maximum per day: $250

Mental health counseling sublimit: $1,000

Expense reimbursement insured annual limit: $25,000

Identity recovery coverage deductible: $250 (Deductible is per enrollee and applies to expense reimbursement, lost wages and child/elder care expenses sublimit, and mental health counseling sub-limit.)

Part D: Personal Property

Personal property damage each claim limit: $500

Personal property damage annual limit: $500

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