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A Sampling of Early Education Supervision Policies Sample

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All children will be under direct visual observation by a paid staff member at all times. No child should be left unattended at any time for any reason.

Outdoor playtime is an important part of our curriculum, and it is our job to provide a pleasant, engaging and safe outdoor experience. This means that teachers must be actively engaged with the children while outside, continually moving about the play yard, observing, assisting, and intervening when necessary. Children are to never to be out of the teacher's sight or left alone at any time for any reason.

Do not leave children unattended in your room or on the playground in order to provide first aid. Teachers must be able to see their students at all times. Children are never to be left unattended or alone with parent aides or adult visitors.

The playground must be supervised by at least one teacher at all times. Socializing with other adults should not interfere with attention to or interaction with children. By standing back-to-back, two adults may converse while looking in opposite directions to observe the students.

All staff members are responsible for maintaining visual supervision of the children at all times, including during nap time, recess, snack and lunch, classroom time, and during transitions from classroom to playground and from playground to classroom. Failure to comply with the visual supervision of children will result in the immediate termination of employment.

During nap time, supervision requires that a sufficient number of staff members are in close proximity, within sight and hearing of all the children.

Sample Lists Child Supervision

1. Children must never be left unattended.
2. Always keep your class in your view.
3. It is a good idea for classes to have a staff member at the front and back of the line of children when going places outside the classroom. This prevents children from getting separated from the group.
4. Always know how many children are in attendance with you at all times.
5. Count your children when making a physical transition to ensure that you are not leaving someone behind. 
6. Instruct children to use "walking feet" and "inside voices" when inside the building.
7. Release children only to authorized adults.

Playground Supervision

1. Do a visual safety sweep before allowing children to play.
2. Place yourself in a position so that you can supervise all the children while they are playing.
3. Do not group with other staff members to talk while you are on the playground.
4. Do not sit while you are supervising the playground.

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