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ConNEXUS Premium is unique professional development for unique educators. Through on-demand courses you can grow and learn in the areas where you need growth and in the time that is right for you. ConNEXUS Premium provides 40 topic-based channels and over 500 hours of courses,  including the Legal and Legislative courses below. 

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  • Navigating State and National Legislative Issues Affecting Early Education. Presentation by Dr. Merle Skinner; George Tryfiates
  • "Getting Folks On and Off the Bus" Ensuring the Legality of Your Employment Practices Parts 1 and 2. Presentation by Dr. Thomas J. Cathey
  • Social Networking and Cyberybullying: What is your liability? Your responsibility? Parts 1, 2 and 3. Presentation by Dr. Thomas J. Cathey
  • Legal Legislative Update: Health Care Reform 2013. Presentation by Tom Cathey; Philip Scott; ACSI Legal Legislative; Martin Kelly; Independent School Management
  • School Security 2013: Lessons Learned. Presentation by Greg Maxwell; Dr. Erin Wilcox; Philip Scott
  • Preventive Law- Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4. Presentation by John Cooley; John Mark Cooley.
  • The 27 Court Cases and the Laws that Impact Your School's Operations Parts 1 and 2. Presentation by Burt Carney
  • Weathering Turbulent Times-Downsizing Staff and the Law. Presentation by Tom Scott
  • Weathering Turbulent Times: Effective Retention Strategies to Keep Your Current Families Enrolled. Presentation by Rick Newberry
  • From Hiring to Firing Parts 1 and 2. Presentation by John Cooley
  • Student Rights Parts 1 and 2. Presentation by John Cooley
  • Funding for Christian Schools: The eRate Program. Presentation by Dan Burns
  • Director to Director: Program Management (for early education). Presentation by Sara Jo Dillard
  • Board Leadership. Presentation by David Ray
  • Governance/Board Leadership Channel - has 58 unique sessions
  • Common Core Channel - has 48 unique sessions

*Couse listings last updated 4/16/2015.  New courses are being added monthly.