"Hoo" is ready to learn?

Hello, my name is MAX. I am here to guide you to maximizing your professional development learning by saving you time and money. You can attend one, two or all the dates at any location. Here are daily sessions available:

HR and Employment Law for Christian Schools

A common challenge for Christian schools is the ability to keep up with all the laws that impact recruiting, interviewing, and hiring employees. This event is designed to help Christian school leaders negotiate the complex process of U.S. HR and Employment laws.

Early Education: Cultivating Resilience

Learn to soar higher and cultivate resilience in yourself and the young hearts you serve through in-person and virtual conferences this coming school year.

Flourish Deeper: Future Ready Christian Schools

Spend one day digging deeper on the Expertise and Resources Flourishing domain by learning how to respond adaptively to challenges and missional opportunities that any school faces.